YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1

YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 | YITH


With YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 you will be free to add new and powerful features to make your e-commerce site unique.

Activate the plugin you want and start using your site to a new and improved level.

When you look for a plugin on wordpress.org and you do not know which one best meets your needs, it is difficult to choose the right one.

And it often happens that when looking for a plugin you find another one that interests you and that might help you solve another problem and so on endlessly until you get lost among a heap of plugins and end up closing your browser page and put your search off to the next day.

Especially because it is difficult to make them all work well together and not conflict with each other.

Isn’t that true? So, no problem, this is why we have packed a group of our plugins all together: all the main extensions for your site, from wishlist and image zoom to quote requests, multi vendor store and credit card payments.

You won’t need to look for each of them on wordpress.org, you can just download and install YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 and choose later to activate the plugins that you really need and deactivate them when you do not need them: and they will always be there, easy to find, certain to work.

Plugins Included:

Search and product display

  • YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

    Allows your users to search products in real time on WooCommerce shop.

  • YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

    Offers the perfect way to filter all the products of your WooCommerce shop.

  • YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations

    The best way to offer a complete overview on all options available for your WooComerce products: with one plugin only you can add unlimited

  • YITH WooCommerce Compare

    Allows you to compare more products of your WooCommerce shop in one complete table.

  • YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

    Add zoom effect to WooCommerce product images and a customizable image slider.

  • YITH WooCommerce Quick View

    This plugin adds the possibility to have a quick preview of the WooCommerce products right from product list.

  • YITH Infinite Scrolling

    Add infinite scrolling to archive post or shop page. Working with WooCommerce too.


Multi store and live chat

  • YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

    Is a plugin developed to switch your website into a platform hosting more than one WooCommerce shop, like a multivendor marketplace.

  • YITH Live Chat

    An exceptional plugin to make your clients feel comfortable as in a physical shop. Ask for information and get immediate feedback. WooCommerce compatible.

  • YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager

    Manager plugin let you add custom tabs in WooCommerce single product page

  • YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages

    A plugin for WooCommerce let you add custom messages in the cart page and/or in the checkout page.

  • YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

    Increase average order value by letting your customers purchase additional options on your products.


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 from Plugins page


YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 will add a new submenu called “YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1” under “YIT Plugins” menu. Here you are able to activate/deactivate all the plugins within.

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If you encounter problems in using the YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1 plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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