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XT Easy Google Adsense Injection WordPress Plugin XT Easy Google Adsense Injection
Is an easy to use plugin that makes placing Google Adsense or Affiliate Adverts to your posts, pages and sidebar extremely easy. It works by using short-codes that work efficiently with current themes template files.

I wrote this plugin with simplicity in mind, nothing is over-complicated with this plugin. It has been created to be easy and quick to use, by WordPress users, of any level of experience.

With this Google Adsense plugin, you can store up to five Adsense codes and just use these whenever needed. If you need to use a different code, for any reason, just delete your existing Adsense code and paste in a new code, simple.

This plugin is versatile, in that you do not just have to use Google Adsense codes you can place other ads as well, including affiliate codes.

For additional information or updates check our website at: http://www.xtthemes.com

XT Easy Google Adsense Injection WordPress Plugin Features

  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • No complicated menus or settings.
  • Simple copy and paste your code.
  • Use short-codes to place adverts on your website.
  • Option to Store up to five adverts.
  • Compatible with most versions of WordPress.

How Does It Work?

We have created two ways to use XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection plugin:

Use the following short-codes:

  • [xt_go_advt_1]
  • [xt_go_advt_2]
  • [xt_go_advt_3]
  • [xt_go_advt_4]
  • [xt_go_advt_5]

Or by calling the php function from your template file:

  • <?php echo xt_disp_advt_1(); ?>
  • <?php echo xt_disp_advt_2(); ?>
  • <?php echo xt_disp_advt_3(); ?>
  • <?php echo xt_disp_advt_4(); ?>
  • <?php echo xt_disp_advt_5(); ?>


The plugin is available in only the English language. Other languages may be added at a later date.

More Information and Support

Read more and Support

  • Feedback and suggestions are welcome, if you have enjoyed using our Google-Adsense-Injection plugin, please help others by providing feedback and suggestions to help improve the quality of our plugin.
    The plugin has been tested against different WordPress versions but feel free to test the plugin yourself using different WordPress versions and themes.
    Feel free to rate the plugin, it helps other users.
  • Find out about updates to this plugin and other free plugins at the official website at xtthemes.com
  • Please ask questions, report errors, compatibility issues or anything else related to this plugin through our support section, author’s website or plugin website.


XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection WordPress plugin is released under the GPLv2. You can download, install and use this plugin for free on your personal or commercial website.


This section describes how to upload XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection on your WordPress website. Read the following sections carefully to install and use this WordPress plugin to add Google Adsense adverts on your website.

Search and Install from your WordPress dashboard/admin panel

  1. When you are logged into your WordPress, from the dashboard/admin panel go to the ‘Plugins’ menu and click the ‘Add New’ button.
  2. From the Plugins installation page, locate the Search Plugins, enter ‘XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection’ in the search bar and click ‘Search Plugins.’
  3. You will find ‘XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection plugin.
  4. Click the ‘Install Now’ button to install the plugin or click ‘Details’ to read more. The ‘Install Now’ link is also available on the details popup window.
  5. Once the plugin is installed, you need to activate the plugin to use it on your website.

Manual Installation

  1. To install the plugin manually, visit XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection WordPress plugin description page.
  2. Click the ‘Download Version 1.0’ button on the page to download and save the plugin zip file named XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection.zip to your computer.
  3. Login to your WordPress admin panel. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> select ‘Upload’ navigation on the page. Click the ‘Browse’ button, select the downloaded XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection.zip file from your computer and click the ‘Install Now’ button. WordPress will upload and automatically extract and install the plugin in the appropriate directory for you.

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If you encounter problems in using the XT-Easy-Google-Adsense-Injection plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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