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Divi Theme Enhancements Outside the Builder

WXP DIVInizer by WordXpress makes the Divi by ElegantThemes theme better for bloggers and other users who don’t use the Divi Builder on posts. It allows you to set options for all non-Divi Builder posts (and some for pages). This includes: related posts similar to Extra theme, an Author Box displaying the author’s Gravatar and bio at the end of each post, removing the sidebar, and automatically using Divi’s lightbox to display images, changing the archive pages to a Grid style, disable cropping of featured images, automatically display the current year in the footer, and more!

Divi (affiliate link) is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. This product is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes.

WXP DIVInizer’s Story

At WordXpress we support and maintain a lot of WordPress websites including many using the Divi theme. We love Divi! But for writing posts, the Divi Builder is way overkill for most blogging. If you’re doing advanced, complex stories with lots of fancy formatting and interactive features, it’s wonderful. Most of us just want to write, insert a few images and links, and publish!

I found the Expand Divi plugin and was very excited about what it could do for us. However, it had a few shortcomings, including using only tags to calculate related posts. We don’t use tags on our blog, so the related posts didn’t work! I reached out to the plugin’s developer Faycal, and asked if we could fork his plugin and create our own version? He was very supportive, so we combined it with some other stuff we’d been working on and viola! WXP DIVInizer was born, with category-based related posts, automatic lightboxing of images, and more.

  • Tevya

If you’re like us and want to “just write,” we created WXP DIVInizer for you. We don’t use Divi Builder for posts, and neither do most of our members. So we created this plugin to make the Divi blog a little more blogger-firendly by bringing some much-needed features from Extra and elsewhere to Divi.


  • Author Box – Add an about-author box below all posts with this setting.
  • Single Post Pagination – Add pagination to navigate to next and previous posts.
  • Related Posts – Encourage readers to stay by showing them related posts at the end of each post. Use tags or categories to determine if it’s related.
  • Display Post Tags – Display post tags in the post meta (Divi only shows categories by default), or at the bottom of posts.
  • Image Lightbox – Open images in the Divi lightbox, when links to images are clicked in posts and pages that are not using the Divi Builder.
  • Grid Style Blog Archive – Change your index, categories, and all archive blog pages to grid layout.
  • Remove Projects CPT – If you don’t use the Projects Custom Post type that Divi includes, clean up your WP Admin by removing it from the sidebar.
  • Remove Sidebar – Remove the sidebar globally, on archives, or single posts.
  • Footer Year Shortcode – Use the [year] shortcode under Theme Customizer > Footer > Bottom Bar > EDIT FOOTER CREDITS to display the current year. Year may not show in the Customizer preview until you’ve reloaded the customizer.
  • Prevent Featured Image Cropping – Disable Divi’s default Featured image cropping! Now your featured images won’t get cropped if they’re wider than what Divi prefers by default.


WXP DIVInizer requires the Divi theme. It may work with the Divi Builder plugin and Extra theme, but is not tested with those at this time.



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the Plugins > Add New page by searching “WXP DIVInizer”.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Divi > DIVInizer to turn on features.

Plugin author

WordXpress – Divi Support

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If you encounter problems in using the WXP DIVInizer plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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