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This plugin provides an automated way to convert any standard WordPress gallery that is embedded on a page using the

shortcode into a WunderSlider.

WunderSlider Gallery also supports NextGEN Gallery to embed any gallery as a WunderSlider using the [wunderslider_nggallery] shortcode or by enabling it as the default renderer for the [nggallery] shortcode.

The plugin requires the WunderSlider which is available freely for personal use and can be downloaded on the WunderSlider page.

A license is required to be purchased for commercial use, see the WunderSlider page for more details.

Feedback is welcome.
If you want to leave feedback or want to provide constructive criticism, please do so at the support pages indicated below.

Please try to solve problems there before you rate this plugin or say it doesn’t work.

Limited* free support is provided on the WunderSlider page only. Please be specific when stating any issues you might experience. * Limited means: thank you for your feedback and please be patient as you should get an answer as soon as possible.

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Usage / Notes on settings

After you have followed the instructions on installing WunderSlider and the WunderSlider Gallery plugin, go to Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery and have a look at the default settings.

 shortcode attributes :
  • The size attribute uses full by default. Set it to another size if you don’t need the full image size.

    Default sizes are thumbnailmediumlarge and full.

  • WunderSlider attributes that use a dash in the attribute name must be used with an underscore instead when passed to the 

     shortcode. If used, container-classcontainer-stylecontainer-height and container-width must be passed as container_classcontainer_stylecontainer_height and container_width to the 

    This is especially important when the display="proportional" setting is used, as you will have to provide the container width and height explicitly.


  • If you do not want the WunderSlider applied to a specific gallery, you must add the wunderslider="false" attribute, for example:

Usage with NextGEN Gallery

Any NextGEN gallery can be rendered as a WunderSlider using the [wunderslider_nggallery] shortcode or by enabling defaults for NextGEN Gallery shortcodes in the Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery settings.


  [wunderslider_nggallery id="123"] will render a WunderSlider for the NextGEN gallery with id 123.

The [nggallery] shortcode can be rendered as a WunderSlider by either enabling it by default or by specifying:

[nggallery id="123" wunderslider="true"]

For this to take effect, the option to handle NextGEN Gallery shortcodes must be enabled on the settings page Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery.

As with the 

 shortcode, any WunderSlider attributes can be passed to [wunderslider_nggallery] or [nggallery] – those that use a dash in the attribute name must be used with an underscore instead: container-classcontainer-stylecontainer-height and container-width must be passed as container_classcontainer_stylecontainer_height and container_width.


  • [wunderslider_nggallery id="1" container_width="80%" container_height="300px" display="proportional"]
  • [nggallery id="1" wunderslider="true" container_width="80%" container_height="300px" display="proportional"]


  1. Obtain a free personal or licensed commercial copy of the WunderSlider and unzip it. You will find the WunderSlider plugin in the wordpress folder.
  2. Upload and activate the WunderSlider plugin. You can use the Add new option found in the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Upload and activate the WunderSlider Gallery plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Create a page or post, upload some images there and insert the gallery. View that page, you will have WunderSlider render it.
  5. Read the WunderSlider manual.
  6. No really, READ IT.
  7. Go to Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery and adjust the default settings.

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