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WPJAM Basic is an optimization plugin that I love Shuizhuyu blog used WordPress to organize for many years. In addition to optimizing your WordPress, WPJAM Basic is also the basis for the WordPress jam team to carry out WordPress secondary development.

The main function of WPJAM Basic is to remove some infrequent functions in WordPress, such as article revision, and to provide some frequently used functions, such as obtaining the first image in an article, obtaining article summary, etc.

If your host has installed memory caching components such as Memcacached and the corresponding WordPress plugin, this plugin also provides optimized versions of object caching for some commonly used plugins and functions.

Detailed introduction and installation instructions: http://blog.wpjam.com/project/wpjam-basic/ .

In addition, WPJAM Basic also supports up to seventeen extensions, you can choose to enable them according to your needs:


Number of articles
Set the number of different article lists for different pages, and the number of different article lists for different categories.

Article directory The article directory is
automatically extracted based on the subtitles in the article content and displayed in front of the content.

Related articles
According to the tags and classification of the articles, related articles are automatically generated and displayed at the end of the article.

User role
User role management, and additional user permissions settings.

Statistics code
Automatically add Baidu statistics and Google analysis codes.

Baidu webmaster
supports active, passive, automatic and batch methods to submit links to Baidu webmasters.

Mobile theme
Set a separate theme for mobile devices, and configure mobile themes in a PC environment.

301 Jump
Support the 404 page on the website to jump to the correct page.

Simple SEO
settings are simple and fast, with powerful WordPress SEO functions.

SMTP send mail A
simple configuration allows WordPress to use SMTP to send mail.

Commonly used short codes
Add common short codes such as list table, and list all short codes of all systems in the background.

Article browsing statistics
Count the number of article readings, activate the extension, please do not activate the WP-Postviews plug-in.

Quick copy
of articles In the background article list, add a quick copy button, click to quickly copy a draft for new creation.

Quick Editing of Abstracts
In the background article list, you can also edit article abstracts after clicking Quick Edit.

Rewrite optimization
Clean up useless Rewrite code and add custom rewrite code.

Customize footer code The footer code of
each article can be set separately on the article editing page.

Article type converter The
article type converter can convert articles in multiple article types.


  1. Upload wpjam-basicdirectory to /wp-content/plugins/directory
  2. Activate the plug-in and start to set it up and use it.

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If you encounter problems in using the WPJAM Basic plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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