WP Window Shopper – Review & Product Boxes For Affiliate Websites

WP Window Shopper – Review & Product Boxes For Affiliate Websites | wpwindowshopper


WP Window Shopper is the easiest way to create and manage beautiful product boxes without any coding knowledge. Create product boxes by utilizing reusable templates and place them with shortcodes in your content or sidebars.

Style a reusable template and use it to create new boxes in a matter of seconds. No coding knowledge required. You can style templates by adjusting box size, colors, font-size, borders, badges, buttons and select which elements of the box will link to your target. Once you’ve created a template, you can use that template to build your boxes. Start by selecting one of your templates and choose title, description, image, CTA and target link. Before saving the box you’ll have the option to assign one or more categories to it, making it easier to organize your boxes later on. Click “save” and head to the box dashboard of the plugin. Here you’ll see the shortcode which you can place in your content or sidebars by using the classic HTML editor or HTML Gutenberg blocks.

By using the WPWS global template system, changes made to a template will propagate to all connected product boxes. If you want to make any styling changes to any of your boxes, all you have to do is go to your template dashboard and click “edit” next to the template you want to change. After you’ve made the changes and clicked “save”, all boxes created with this template will receive the styling update. Additionally each template has a unique CSS class, so if you feel like there is something missing in the styling options, you can easily add it with CSS. If you forgot which template you used to create a certain box, you can check that in your WPWS dashboard.

See all your product boxes in a single list. Sort, categorize, edit and manage them in an intuitive and scalable way. You’ll see shortcodes, which template a box is assigned to, which categories they are in and when they were last modified. If you want to change a link, an image, or something else, you can easily do that here.

* Increase click-through rate and commissions
* Easily work with many different merchants
* Manage all product boxes in a single window
* Create beautiful templates with a couple of clicks
* Style every template individually with custom CSS (optional)
* Place them in your content/widgets with shortcodes
* Easily switch out links globally in a matter of seconds

1. Install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard and activate it
2. Select the “Window Shopper” tab on the left side
3. Click “Create New” in the template section and adjust the styling options to your linking
4. Click “Next” in the bottom right of your screen and finally name and save your template
5. Next click “Create New” in the Product Box section in your WPWS dashboard
6. Select a previously created Template and fill in link, title and description
7. Click “Next” in the bottom right of your screen and finally name and save your box
8. Click the “Product Boxes” tab and copy the shortcode of the box you just created
9. Now you can place that shortcode in your content by using the classic HTML editor or a HTML Gutenberg block

Click here for a live demo of the plugin!


You can install this plugin through the plugin manager of your wordpress dashboard.

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