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The WP resource download management plug-in supports downloading resource articles for webmasters by uploading and downloading resources to the local server, or by filling in the sharing links of Baidu Netdisk and Chengtong Netdisk, to provide readers with downloads.
* Upload files-Use the media management function of WordPress to directly upload shared resources to the site server. This method may be limited by the format and size of the file uploaded by the server (this method is not recommended for large file resources).
* Citycom Netdisk-Considering that some webmasters use this netdisk to share resources for users to download, and get benefits through the rebate alliance of Citycom Netdisk, this kind of download method was added in the v1.3 version.
* Baidu SkyDrive-The webmaster only needs to generate a sharing link in Baidu SkyDrive and other cloud storage tools, copy the sharing address to the specified location, and then fill in the SkyDrive download link and password, and publish it.
* Magnet link-support Magnet magnetic link resources, which is convenient for webmasters to share such link resources to save website resource space, generally seed resources.
* Xunlei download-supports the resource link of thunder://, the protocol supported by Xunlei.

The WP resource download management plugin provides two download methods when the article is published: free download and download after reply.
(1) Free download means that all visitors can download the resource directly;
(2) Download after reply means that all visitors need to comment and reply to the article before they can download;
(3) Support is set as paid download, this feature requires the installation of WP paid content Plug-in support.

Before using the WP resource download management plugin, you first need to go to “WordPress backend-plugins-installed plugins”, find the plugin WP resource download management, click start; then click “Settings” or go to “WordPress backend-plugins-WP resources” Download management” to configure the plug-in:

  1. Download function switch: When the switch is turned on, you can use WP resource download management when editing articles, and fill in resource download information.
  2. Do you need to log in: After the switch is turned on, visitors must register and log in to the blog before they can download.
  3. Download floating layer-when the configuration page is scrolled down, the download button is fixed on the top or fixed on the top.
  4. Version description-If the webmaster needs to make a version description of the downloaded resource, he can also add copyright description text.


The original intention of WP resource download management plug-in development is to facilitate WordPress bloggers to manage article attachments, realize resource sharing efficiently and conveniently through online disk or local upload, and provide convenience for building WordPress download websites.

Lightning Blog ( wbolt.com ) focuses on the development of original WordPress themes and WordPress plugins , providing Chinese blogs with more high-quality themes and plugins that meet domestic needs. In addition, we will also share WordPress related tips and tutorials.

In addition to Baidu search push management plugins, we currently have developed the following WordPress plugins:

If you have more needs on WordPress themes and plugins, and I hope you can give us suggestions, we will record them and introduce more themes and plugins that meet your needs based on the actual situation.


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FTP installation
1. Extract plug-in archive download-info-page.zip, unzip the folder uploaded to obtain the directory wordpress installation /wp-content/plugins/directory.
2. Visit the WordPress dashboard, go to “plug-in” – “installed plugins” in the plug-in Find “WP Resource Download Management” in the list and click “Enable”.
3. Enter the plug-in settings interface through “Settings” -> “WP Resource Download Management”.
4. At this point, the plug-in is installed, if you fill in when the article is published The resource link can realize the resource sharing and downloading function.

Dashboard installation
1. Enter the WordPress dashboard and click “Plugins-Install Plugins”:
* Keyword search for “WP Resource Download Management”, find the “WP Resource Download Management” plugin in the search results, and click “Install Now”;
* or Click “Upload Plugin”-select “WP Resource Download Management” plugin compression package download-info-page.zip, and click “Install Now”.
2. After installation is complete, enable the WP resource download management plug-in.
3. “Settings” -> “WP Resource Download Manager” to enter the interface plug-in settings.
4. At this point, the plug-in installed, if fill resource links in the article published resources can be realized Share download function.

About this plug-in, you can learn more about plug-in installation, settings and other details by reading the WP resource download management plug-in tutorial .

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