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Major Update Due Soon!

This plugin is getting a major update soon.

WP Super Edit is designed to get control of the WordPress wysiwyg visual editor and add some functionality with more buttons and customized TinyMCE plugins. WP Super edit acts as framework for TinyMCE visual editor plugins and buttons allowing administrators (or users) to arrange buttons and add TinyMCE plugins to the visual editor.

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  • Drag and Drop interface for arranging the WordPress visual editor buttons.
  • Access to built-in WordPress visual editor buttons and functions.
  • Additional TinyMCE plugins to add buttons and features like tables, layers (div tag), advanced XHTML properties, advanced image and link properties, WordPress emoticons, style attributes, css classes for themes, search / replace, and more.
  • Options for allowing users to configure visual editor settings; One editor setting for all users, role based editor settings, and individual user editor settings. Only WordPress administrators can activate or deactivate TinyMCE wysiwyg visual editor plugins. In single or role based modes, only administrators can arrange editor buttons.
  • Easy to install and remove. WP Super Edit uses separate database tables for settings and to support multi-site configurations. Currently only the Super Emoticon / Icon Plugin will leave short tags in your posts or pages.

Version Notice

This version has been tested for use with the versions of WordPress indicated. I attempt to keep WP Super Edit up to date with changes to WordPress and the visual editor, but the complex changes can make it unproductive to maintain compatiblity with some older versions of WordPress. This is a list of recent versions available for older WordPress sites.

  • Use WP Super Edit 2.1 for WordPress 2.6 to 2.7.1
  • Use WP Super Edit 2.3.x for WordPress 2.8 to 3.1.x
  • Use WP Super Edit 2.4.x for WordPress 3.1 to 3.8.x

Download Older Versions of WP Super Edit


  1. Take the whole wp-super-edit folder and put it in the WordPress Plugin directory for your Web site.
  2. Activate the plugin on the WordPress Plugins administration panel
  3. Click on the Settings option and you will see WP Super Edit in the sub menu.
  4. WP Super Edit should lead you through the final installation steps. Please be patient! WP Super Edit will attempt to scan and save your original wysiwyg visual editor settings while installing. WP Super Edit will not work until the installation has been completed!

Plugin author

Jess Planck & TheDevCouple (Awais & Maedah)

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If you encounter problems in using the WP Super Edit plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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