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A very useful wordpress plugin to give extra protection to your website content. This plugin give you an option to Disable Copy content or prevent copy , Disable Right Click, Disable F12 functional key,Allow right click for links,Disable print page (Ctrl+P),Disable save page (Ctrl+S),Disable view page source (Ctrl+U) and Disable save image via drag/drop. In this plugin you will have an option to disable restriction for any specific page.


 * Disallow copy of the content
 * Disallow right click
 * Disable f12 functional key (Inspect Element)
 * Modern alert box popup
 * Disable alert box message
 * Debug mode to disable restriction for logged in user

Note: If you are using any cache plugin on your website then please clear site cache after enable/update plugin settings

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Video Tutorial:

We have released an Add-on of this plugin which not only demonstrates the flexibility of free version, but also added given below important features:

 Download plugin Add-on

 = Pro Features =
 * Disable copy content (Ctrl+C)
 * Disable F12 functional key(Inspect Element)
 * Disable Right Click
 * Allow right click for links
 * Disable print page (Ctrl+P)
 * Disable save page (Ctrl+S)
 * Disable view page source (Ctrl+U)
 * Disable save image via drag/drop
 * Page specific features
 * Stylish alert box window
 * Faster support

Add-on Features Video Tutorial:

 Click here to Download Add-on


Installing the plugin:

  1.  Unzip the plugin’s directory into wp-content/plugins.
  2.  Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3.  The settings page will be available under settings menu (Settings >> WP Protect Content)

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