WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress

WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress | Usability Dynamics, Inc.


This plugin is intended to significantly improve user management, easily create contact forms, and keep track of incoming shortcode form messages.

WordPress already comes with some basic user management functions – WP-CRM expands on this functionality by allowing you to organize your users using custom attributes, find them using filters, and keep track of correspondence.

Your WP control panel can effectively be used to manage all your customers, vendors, partners, affiliates, etc.

WP-CRM on GitHub


  • Excellent user organization, filtering and editing.
  • Ability to easily add new user data attributes (i.e. Company Name).
  • Dynamic charts representing attributes with quantifiable data.
  • Contact Forms for front-end.
  • Notifications management.
  • Group notifications (Add-on).
  • User CSV Exporting.
  • User activity and note tracking.
  • WP-Invoice integration.

Available Add-ons list

If you found the default functionality of WP-CRM is not enough for your needs please take a look at the list of available Add ons

Group Messages

Ability to send newsletters to users, or user groups.
More about Add-on

Contact Forms Tutorial

Attribute Management


Immediately after activation you will see a new “CRM” section which will list your existing users.
Default data will be loaded on the first install, which can then be configured further on the CRM -> Settings page.
For additional help, please reference the contextual help dropdowns the different plugin pages.

Plugin author

Usability Dynamics, Inc.

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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