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Free and Easy to Use LMS

WP Courses is a full-featured, free learning management system ( LMS ) that makes creating courses on your WordPress site easier than ever with an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop tools, video tutorials and more.

Click here to view a demo of WP Courses.

Integrates Seamlessly with Practically Any Theme

WP Courses is an LMS that’s been designed to seamlessly integrate with practically any theme. It also has plenty of design options to help you match the design of your website.


Courses are easy to navigate and look beautiful on any device.

No Coding Required

No coding knowledge is necessary for creating great looking courses because we’ve designed WP Courses to be an easy LMS for anyone to use.

Progress Tracking

Keep your students engaged with course progress tracking. Icons and progress bars show your students which lessons they’ve viewed and completed. You can also view any of your student’s progress in the admin area.

Restrict Lesson Content

Restrict your lesson content to logged in users only with the click of a button. Individual lessons can be restricted for fine control over your content’s visibility.

Create Any Type of Lesson

Video lessons are supported with videos hosted on Vimeo, YouTube and other platforms. You can also create lessons with text, audio, images and more.

Seamless Course Browsing Experience

WP Courses supports unlimited courses that can be browsed by category or in one large collection. Each course has its own page with an area for a description, video and any other type of content you’d like to include.

WP Courses LMS is Actively Supported and Developed

WP Courses LMS is actively supported and developed with new updates and features added regularly.

Fully Supports Translations

WP Courses LMS fully supports translations. A tutorial on translating WP Courses can be found here.

Premium Version – Sell Your Courses and More

There is a premium version of WP Courses LMS which includes the following add-ons:

  • WooCommerce Integration: Sell your courses right in your WooCommerce store. Works with PayPal, Stripe, credit cards and much more.
  • PMPro integration: Sell members only access to your courses.
  • Quizzes: Add quizzes to you courses, track quiz results and more.
  • Badges: Award badges to your students for completing certain actions like completing a course or scoring a certain percentage on a quiz.
  • Automated Emails: The perfect marketing and engagment tool that allows you to trigger emails based on specific actions completed by your users such as viewing specific lessons, completing courses or scoring a certain percentage on a quiz.
  • File Attachments: Attach files like PDF’s, audio, images and more to your lessons.

Download WP Courses now and take it for a spin!


  1. Go to “Appearance->Menus” and create a new custom link to “mysite.com/?post_type=course” where “mysite.com” is your homepage URL.
  2. Click “Save Menu.”
  3. Create a new page called “my profile” or whatever else you’d like to call it.
  4. Include the shortcode [wpc_profile] in the profile page you just created.
  5. Go to “Appearance->Menus” and create a menu item which links to the profile page you just created.
  6. Click “Save Menu.”
  7. Click “WP Courses->Course Difficulties” and create at least one course difficulty. For example, easy, medium and difficult or 1, 2 and 3.
  8. Click “WP Courses->Course Categories” and create at least one category.
  9. Click “WP Courses->Teachers” and create at least one teacher.
  10. Create a course by clicking “WP Courses->Courses” and fill in the title, content and other applicable info.
  11. Create lessons by clicking “WP Courses->Lessons” and make sure to connect the lesson(s) you make to the course(s) you’ve made. If you are embedding a video, use the embed code. The embed code starts with “iframe”.
  12. Order the lessons by going to “WP Courses->Order Lessons.” Select a course from the dropdown menu and drag and drop the lessons for that course in the order you’d like them to appear.

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