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English:Often publish articles and updates people loves forgets to set tags when editing an article, the article automatically add keywords tag. tag extraction based on TF-IDF implementation. Built-in TF-IDF interface does not work when you try to find an existing tag in WordPress. If found, these markers are added to the post automatically each time you save the post.
Ps:Go to \”Settings» Writing \” Configure. TF-IDF only supports English and Chinese.Plugin work in PHP5.5+.
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Chinese: Automatically add tags to articles without tags when the article is published and modified. The extraction of tags is implemented based on TF-IDF. When the built-in TF-IDF interface fails to work normally, the matching and adding work is performed through the existing tags of WordPress.
Ps: Configure the plug-in in the background through the settings -> compose page. The TF-IDF keyword extraction interface only supports Chinese & English text.
Compatibility: Except for WordPress and PHP huge update and abandoned basic function library, this plug-in works normally in PHP5.5 and above.
Welcome to visit WP AutoTags article Automatic tag plug-in for detailed introduction , I hope to get more problems or suggestions encountered in the use process.


  1. Download zip file
  2. Upload the WP AutoTags plugin to your blog
  3. Activate it

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