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WP AutoKeyword automatically suggests and generate keywords for all of your published post in one click by matching from your provided lists of most used and trending keywords as per their frequency of usage and occurrence of that keyword in your post content and then add it to your all published posts meta tags in your blog header.

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  • You can get a suggestion of keywords for your manually entered content/article.
  • It will suggest and add keywords to your all published posts in one click.
  • Suggested keywords for each and every published post will be accessed via that post “Custom Field” section.
  • You can edit keywords for any post suggested by this tool and when you will run this tool again, it will not overwrite your that edited keyword post.
  • You can add/delete/update/search to/from your keyword database list easily to make this plugin work better as per your blog category.
  • 3 level of keywords suggestions like 1-word keyword, 2-word keyword and 3-word keyword that you can control how many of them you need.
  • It will automatically insert the meta keyword tag in your theme header as per SEO rule.

We will add new features soon

✔ User Support Available:
The EXEIdeas team is providing support for the WordPress SEO plugin on the WordPress.org forums only now. Note that there is no Premium option here be aware of scammers.

✔ Submit Bug Reports:
You can sent plugin Bug reports to use personally via our contact form Please note we are not providing support of plugin problem via personal contact form.

✔ Full Detailed Tutorial:
Do not know how to use? Check out WP AutoKeyword WordPress Plugin: Full ScreenShot Tutorial to know how to use this.

Stay With Us:

You have to stay with us to get the next update from us.


To install, you have to do only some steps.

  1. Download the Plugin from here.
  2. Upload the WP AutoKeyword folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.
  3. Activate the WP AutoKeyword plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Follow the plugin by going to the WP AutoKeyword menu that appears in your admin Tool -> WP AutoKeyword menu.

Note: You can also install directly from the Plugin store using WordPress Dashboard or can upload your Plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory via WordPress Dashboard.

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If you encounter problems in using the WP AutoKeyword plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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