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Wp auto search for word press plugin , A Word press live search and auto complete search plugin with custom post type and custom taxonomy type,

This plugin lets you provide the user with auto search suggestions based on the information entered in the search field.

This WordPress Wp auto search plugin, your website contents as you type (real time search in your website) and shows results as a drop-down list with featured image instantly and also result display with Date, Author name.

This Word Press post type and custom post type search plugin, that plugin can handle wordpress category and custom post type like Post, Pages, Property,Products, portfolio, series, portfolio, testimonials, FAQ,features,… and make your website content more available in a friendly manner.

A highly customizable WP Autosearch AJAX-based WordPress search bar alternative with the ability to autocomplete faceted search queries. Users can quickly and dynamically browse through your site’s taxonomies and post metadata to find exactly what they’re looking for, and results can be loaded beneath the search bar instantly.


Wp auto search plugin supported woocommerce,custom post type,Property auto search.

Real time search :Ajax Query based website contents as you type information entered in the search field and get results as drop-down list immediately.

Free Features

  • Fast search use word press native functionality
  • Cross browser
  • keyboard and mouse support
  • Full search options
  • Enable and disable options in plugin backend admin
  • Support custom post type and taxonomy type
  • Search by post, title, content, category, tag
  • Sort result by post type and taxonomy type
  • Image Options in Show Thumbnail images in results, Image width,Image height, Force resize first post image ,crop, set default featured image
  • Different layout options for frontend side
  • Customizable results template using standard Word Press functions.
  • Frontend Search results Settings Display result title, Default Search image icon, Show more results , Show author in results, Show date in results ,Show description in results
  • Advanced Options in Customized css and javascript
  • And much more…..

Widget,short code , php functions

No need to doing code , you can drag and drop widget where you want to put, You can customize your filters in less than time.

  • Drag and drop widget enable
  • You can use short code in your page
  • You can set color as per your theme design
  • You can customize your search result listing
  • Customizable results template using standard Word Press functions
  • Attractive and lightweight interface based on jQuery,
  • Searches post title and body content,category,tag
  • Custom placeholder text
  • Custom search button
  • Custom Search field
  • And Much more functionality……


  • Support multiple languages
  • Easy translate to any language
  • All text of the plug-in are customizable
  • Supported WPML plugin

Pro Features

Translations ready to

  • English
  • Danish (Denmark)
  • German
  • French (France)
  • IT Italian (Italy)
  • Polish (Poland)

All features from Free version included plus:

  • Show exact matches only
  • Exclude Posts by ID (comma separated post ID-s eg: 2, 18, 300 )
  • Exclude Terms/Category by ID (comma separated term ID-s eg: 2, 18, 300 )
  • Order of Types
  • Default image in search list.
  • Default Search image icon in search list drop down results.
  • Show post date name in search list drop down results.
  • Show post description in search list drop down results.
  • More Layout Options.
  • Get answer to your question within one business day.Upgrade to Pro Now

If you have a feature suggestion or idea you’d like to see in the plugin, we’d love to hear about it! Suggest a Feature

= Documentation=

  • [Doc] Plugin Demo
  • Use shortcode [wi_autosearch_suggest_form] or php shortcode wi_autosearch_suggest_form();

Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help — [email protected]


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin folder WordPress Live Search and Auto Complete Search to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Activate WP Autosearch” menu in WordPress.
  3. Find WP Autosearch plugin ,which is located From setting menu -> WP Autosearch


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