Wow Side Menu – Floating menu with fixed buttons to your website!

Wow Side Menu – Floating menu with fixed buttons to your website! | Wow-Company


Did you know, that Side Menu has a fancy new replacement called Side Menu Lite?

  • Unlimited menus
  • Open link to new window;
  • Menu item size control;
  • Icon and font size control;
  • Display control on devices;
  • Adding custom ID and Classes to the menu item;
  • 1480 Font Awesome 5 Icon.
  • Learn more!

We hope you enjoy using Side Menu Lite for user attention-grabbing!

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Main features

  • 2 Positions of side menu: Left, Right
  • Select fontawesome icon for button: More then 600+ icons
  • Insert links
  • Or open modal windows
  • Setup in-page navigation with the #anchor-links

What can you use Wow Side Menu for?

  • Grab users’ attention and lead them where you want or serve them the content or functionality you want
  • Insert your links and lead them to sections of your website or to external destinations
  • Engage & delight users with extra functions, widgets and content
  • Use it together with Popups & Forms to be able to:
  • Set up an email optins, lead magnets
  • Set up a phone call request widgets
  • Setup online order forms, price calculators & other interactive widgets

Pro version

Achieve even better results with the PRO version.

  • Unlimited amount of menus
  • Custom Icon
  • Choose color for each button
  • Align the navigation vertically
  • Border control
  • Font style and weight settings
  • Smooth Scroll function
  • Go to Top function
  • Share the page in 20 Social services
  • Print page function
  • Email and telephone links
  • Hold the Item Open
  • Built-in user links: LogIn, LogOut, Register, Lostpassword
  • Show menu depending on language
  • Show menu depending on user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users)
  • Show the menu on the specific pages
  • And more…

Pro version demo

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  • Installation option 1: Find and install this plugin in the Plugins -> Add new section of your wp-admin
  • Installation option 2: Download the zip file, then upload the plugin via the wp-admin in the Plugins -> Add new section. Or unzip the archive and upload the folder to the plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/ via ftp
  • Press Activate when you have installed the plugin via dashboard or press Activate in the in the Plugins list
  • Go to Wow Side Menu section that will appear in your main menu on the left
  • Click Add new to create your first item
  • Setup your item
  • Click Save

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If you encounter problems in using the Wow Side Menu – Floating menu with fixed buttons to your website! plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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