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Personal WeChat official payment interface, no need to withdraw cash, 100% fund security, official clearing, settlement to personal bank card, support WeChat H5 payment, scan code payment, JSAPI payment, small program payment. It is the best solution for personal collection, only for personal users. Personal application address: WeChat H5 personal payment , no domain name registration is required.


  • Support PC-side scan code payment
  • Support WeChat official account payment
  • Support WeChat H5 payment, mobile browser wake up APP payment
  • Use the full version of the tutorial: https://pay.xunhuweb.com/371.html
  • Plug-in download: https://pay.xunhuweb.com/plugins
  • Frequently Asked Questions: https://pay.xunhuweb.com/faq


  • Project url in GitHub: https://github.com/xunhuweb/xunhu-wechat-payment-for-WooCommerce


  • If this plugin really benefits you, give me a high praise, or recommend the plug-in to your friends



  1. Deactivate plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Delete plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Install the WooCommerce plugin first
  2. Install and activate the “xunhupay-wechat-payment-for-WooCommerce” plugin
  3. Register an account on the WeChat H5 personal payment platform
  4. Bind the collection WeChat account
  5. Sign contract, user center obtains MCHID and key
  6. Fill in the MCHID and key in the plugin settings
  7. Full version of the tutorial: https://pay.xunhuweb.com/371.html

Plugin author

Chongqing Xunhu Network Co., Ltd.

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the WordPress WooCommerce微信支付个人版 plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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