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WordPress Reaction Buttons and Feedback Emoji Plugin – Emojics | Emojics


Emojics WordPress Reaction Buttons and Feedback Emoji plugin helps you to collect feedback and leads using the most spoken language in the world: the emoji.
Our aim is to increase the user engagement in a easy way for you and in a fun way for your users. With our Reaction Buttons you can collect three times more than a classic pop-up, and it’s FREE!


  • Reaction Buttons Widget
  • Emotions Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Customization
  • Affiliate Program

Emojics makes giving and getting feedback fun for users and easy for bloggers


Emojics is the powerful reaction buttons tool, start to collect valuable feedback in an easy and fun way. We provide different interfaces:

Floating Reaction Widget

Our floating reactions widget is perfect for gathering user reaction in your website is a type of sticky widget that remains on the page even when it’s scrolled. It’s advisable to install the Floating widget when you want to collect feedback on the service or product (for example: on the home page, pricing page, etc.). This widget has an average conversion rate of 25%.

Inline Reaction Widget

Our inline reactions widget is perfect for gathering user reaction in your blog article. It has a fixed position usually in the bottom of the article. It’s advisable to install the Inline widget when you want to gather feedback on a single website content or product. (eg; single article, e-commerce product). You can customize the emoji and the texts in any way you want.

Email Reaction Widget

Our email reactions widget is perfect for gathering user reaction in your newsletter or transactional emails. Get qualitative feedback to better understand what your users want, reduce your email unsubscribes and find out which members of your support or sales team are performing best and use detailed feedback to help them improve,


Our tool analyzes dozens of data and suggests what content performs better and engages your users more. You can monitored and download all the feedback, emails, phone-numbers or comment that the users have left.
In our analytics dashboard there are all kinds of insights, pageviews, total visitors, in which page do you received more like or angry, from which country you get more positive or negative reactions and so on.


Emojics reactions widget helps you grow your contact list by converting visitors into new subscribers.
With our tool you can choose by three type of interactions for each emoji:

  • Lead Email: By choosing this option, you can request from the user who has clicked on the reaction their contact information. This option is perfect for boosting your mailing list and keep your users up to date with your services
  • Comment: Choosing the comment option will give the user the ability to leave a comment or feedback on your service, product or content. This is a suitable option for when you want to collect valid feedback to improve your service
  • Message: By choosing the Messaging option, a customized message can be set. The message will appear once the user has clicked on the reaction where the message was set


You can customize our reaction buttons to perfectly integrate our service with your design and use.

With our tool, you have access to the enormous customization of the product which is one of the most advantageous features of Emojics, for which we want to stand out from the competition. You can:

  • Customize the call to action also based on the user’s url (For example, we have made a successful campaign by offering a coupon code to users coming from Product Hunt).
  • Customize the widget choosing from over 300 different emojis with different styles If there isn’t an emoji that you like, contact us and we personalize it for you!
    Choose which type of interaction do you want for each emoji. For example, if your users clicks in a happy emoji you can ask their emails, or if they are sad you can offer a coupon code)
  • Customize the widget structure (show/hide percentages, brand, mobile, position, type of widget, etc)


Our affiliate program is one of the most profitable programs on the internet! To see what we offer click on this link: www.emojics.com/affiliates.

There are two ways to participate to the program:

  • BUDDY PLAN (exclusive for our users) With the Buddy Plan program by becoming (or already being) one of our users, you are automatically our partner. Therefore, once you have installed our Emojics widget on your site, you will earn 35% monthly commission for each user who, after clicking on the Emojics logo on the widget, becomes one of our paying customers
  • PARTNER PLAN: with this program you can become our partner and earn money through referrals. You simply need to sign up for the program and publish Emojics affiliate links on a channel of your choice. If a user clicks on the link and becomes our paying customer, you can earn a 30% monthly commission from it


Where words fails… Emojics speaks!!

  • Engage your users choosing from over 300 different emojis
  • Capture leads and feedback with our reaction buttons
  • Analyze and monitoring all your data and metrics, with our emotions analytics
  • Improve your service and product based on the user feedback, earn commissions thanks to our affiliate program


  • Emotion Analysis
  • Feedback Management
  • Lead Generation
  • User Experience


Emoticon icons by EmojiOne, License: Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0)


Email support(at)emojics(dot)com for any help.
Our support is limited to English language at the moment.
Support days: Monday to Friday. We will reply within 24 hours.


For an automatic installation through WordPress:

  1. Go to the “Add New” plugins screen in your WordPress admin area
  2. Search for “Emojics”
  3. Click “Install Now” and activate the plugin

For a manual installation via FTP:

  1. Click “Download”
  2. Upload the emojics-wp folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in your WordPress admin area

After activating the plugin either through automatic installation or manual installation, you need to follow the steps below (for more informations about the installation here is the support article):

  1. Don’t forget to give us 5 STARS on the Emojics WordPress Plugin Page 🙂
  2. Now go on Emojics website and create an account (here all the instructions)
  3. Now inside Emojics dashboard go on Settings > Integrations > Api Key
  4. Click on GENERATE NEW API KEY and then COPY API KEY
  5. Now go back to your WordPress page on Emojics section, paste the API KEY and click on AUTHENTICATE
  6. Done! Now you will check the installation and authentication simply going to your website and check the presence of the widget.
  7. To know all the information on how to configure our widget and set the campaigns go on https://support.emojics.com

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If you encounter problems in using the WordPress Reaction Buttons and Feedback Emoji Plugin – Emojics plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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