WordPress automation email marketing plugin for Klick-Tipp – WP2LEADS – How to turn any plugins into WordPress email plugins | Tobias | WordPress Automation

WordPress automation email marketing plugin for Klick-Tipp – WP2LEADS – How to turn any plugins into WordPress email plugins | Tobias | WordPress Automation


Your benefit of this plugin: It offers you connection templates so that you can connect e.g. WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, … with a few clicks with Klick-Tipp.
If a connection template is not available, you can connect nearly all plugins* with KlickTipp or use our Done4u service, so we do it for you.

Deine Vorteile von WP2LEADS
Stand 2020.06.01 für WP2LEADS Version 2.2.x

Short WP2LEADS benefits intro WP2LEADS Version 2.1.x

Story: Problem and Solution

2014 I started with the former plugin called WOO-EMI connecting WooCommerce with Klick-Tipp. It was hard coded and could only be used as developed. It only transferred product and category Tags (i.e. post-its used to start marketing campagnes).

The Problem, on nearly every customer feature request was that we needed to develop and hard code new features like sending data on an different order status than only ”wc-completed”.
Or customers did say: ”We need more data transferred like the payment gateway, the product variation, order amount, order date, …

So in the beginning of 2018 the idea was born to create a flexible software that can be used for nearly all plugins that write clearly in the WP database like WooCommerce, EasyAppointments, Contact Forms Entries, Better reviews for WooCommerce, WordPress Users, Business Directory, … do.

WP2LEADS was born and allows you to flexible transfer your valuable user data into Klick-Tipp fields and tags.
These tags and field values like appointment date, kind of service/product can help you to start your targeted email marketing automation.

Your main benefits

  • Transfer current data, start with a lot of data
  • Transfer unlimited data
  • Transfer any data available

Flexible in sending data to Klick-Tipp to Tags and fields

  • Tags used for data often used like ”CF7 Form send”, Order status ”wc-completed”
    (Was sagst du hier? Auf Deutsch direkt übersetzt: Tags, die für Daten genutzt werden, werden häufig genutzt wie ”CF Form Send”….)
  • Fields are used data if is individually for the user like ”personal message”, date like ”birthday” or Appointment or the html content containing the individual reviews request mail template.
    (Was sagst du hier? Auf Deutsch direkt übersetzt: Felder sind benutzte Daten, wenn es ist individuell für den Nutzer wie eine ”persönliche Nachricht”, Daten wie ”Geburtstag” oder ”Termin oder der HtML Inhalt, der individuelle EMail-Bewertungsanfragen Vorlagen enthält”)


  • Welcome and Tutorial page inside the plugin
    Your benefit all information in one place

  • Added Catalog tab

    • Catalog items contain
      • example forms
      • WOW Styler
      • Required Plugins
      • A set up connection
      • Link to settings wizard with Klick-Tipp Campaigns integrated
        Your benefits: Easy setup of the form, connection and marketing campagne
    • It is also possible to upload catalog item and share it.
      Your benefits: You get a lot of thanks form your customers and they will want you to alter your example according to their needs.
    • Integrated Plugins:

      • The WOW Styler https://wordpress.org/plugins/cf7-styler/ in the catalog when downloading a form catalog item
        Your benefits: Open your form on your website, click ”style” and start right away to style your form

      • The WooCommerce Reviews Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/more-better-reviews-for-woocommerce/
        Your benefits: Aside from an easy setup, you achieve google rating stars. Further, reviews of you products increase the trust of your costumers in your products and your company

  • ”Wp -> KT” | ”Map to API” tab wizard

    • Step by Step guide through the settings
      Your benefits: Easily set up your connection
  • Added full Contact Form 7 support

    • When you save the form, WP2LEADS directly asks you to connect the form to Klick-Tipp with a step by step wizard
      Your benefits: Easily connect CF7 with Klick-Tipp
    • When updating the form, WP2LEADS updates the connection with Klick-Tipp with a short step by step wizard
      Your benefits: Easy update of your connection
    • The plugin redirects visitor depending on the links from the Klick-Tipp opt-in process.
      • You choose the opt-in process in the ”Wp -> KT” | ”Map to API” tab in the opt-in section.
      • You check confirmation and ”thank you”-links here, too.
      • You can setup ”if value is xy”. Use the ”option process” conditions
        Your benefits: It is very easy and you can check and chose where the costumer is redirected to after he/she submitted a CF7 form
    • Developed the WOW Styler https://wordpress.org/plugins/cf7-styler/
      Your benefits: Easy styling of all your forms

Please download WP2LEADS now by going into your WP Admin, ”Plugins”, ”Install” and search for ”WP2LERADS” click ”download” and ”activate”.

See you in the tutorial videos inside the plugin.

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

1. Download and activate the plugin through the ’Plugins’ menu in WordPress
2. In maps tab download a map from server
e.g. A map which can be used for transfer in free version
3. View your data in map runner
4. Map to API Tab:
Connect your data with the Klick Tipp API by choose opt-in process, fields, tags
Open transfer menu an click transfer
test transfer with single transer
use ”transfer all in background” to transfer all current data
set up cron to transfer new and updated users

Plugin author


Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the WordPress automation email marketing plugin for Klick-Tipp – WP2LEADS – How to turn any plugins into WordPress email plugins plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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