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WooCommerce Shipping – DPD baltic | DPD | dpd,shipping,woocommerce


Shipping extension for WooCommerce on WordPress of DPD Baltics. Manage your national and international shipments easily.

Features of DPD plugin

  1. Fast multiple label creation for national and international orders.
  2. Supporting MPS (Multiparcel Shipping).
  3. Create a pick-up order for courier.

Available services:

  1. Delivery to DPD Pickup lockers and parcelshops in Baltics and in all Europe. Pickup map is displayed in checkout for user convenience.
  2. Delivery to home in all Europe with B2C service.
  3. Collection of money in Baltics by cash or card with COD service.
  4. Saturday delivery in Baltics (restrictions to cities applied).
  5. Sameday delivery Baltics (restrictions to cities applied).
  6. Delivery timeframes in checkout, so that your customer can select a preffered delivery timeslot (restriction to cities applied).
  7. Document return service to get back signed contracts, invoices or other documents.
  8. Collection request service to send a parcel from somebody else to you. Excellent to manage returns from customers.
  9. Return label with your address, so that your customer can send you back the shipment.


  • This extension is available only for DPD Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).
  • In order to use the extension you must have an active contract with one of the business units: DPD Lietuva, DPD Latvija or DPD Eesti.
  • Additionally, you must have user credentials for API of DPD Baltics. Please contact DPD sales in your county.


There are two methods to install the plugin: using WordPress Plugin installer and manually:

Using the WordPress Plugin Installer:

  1. Unzip the downloaded DPD plugin .ZIP file into a new directory.
  2. In your WordPress admin panel go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  3. Upload the file dpd-shipping-baltic.zip which is in the directory you created in step 1.
  4. Click the Install Now button.
  5. After the installation is completed, click the button Activate Now.

Manual Installation:

  1. Unzip the downloaded DPD plugin .ZIP file into a new directory.
  2. Navigate to this directory and find the file dpd-shipping-baltic.zip.
  3. Extract dpd-shipping-baltic.zip into a new directory.
  4. Navigate to the newly extracted directory. You will notice it contains a directory called dpd-shipping-baltic.
  5. Upload the contents of the dpd-shipping-baltic directory to wp-content > plugins, making sure to preserve the directory structure.
  6. Go to your WordPress admin panel Plugins > Installed Plugins > WooCommerce Shipping DPD and click Activate.

Congratulations! DPD Interconnector is now installed.

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