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WooCommerce Parcelas com e sem Juros | Leonardo Robles | installments,Pagamento,parcelamento,parcelas,payment


With this plugin it is possible to add information on installment price with and without interest (PagSeguro or Mercado Pago) and/or price for cash payment, on the pages that list all the products and on the individual page of each product.

Also displays value for variable products, real-time updating selection

It has an options page in “WooCommerce” > “Plots” where you can define:

  • Options for installment payment:
    • Payment Method (No Interest, PaySeguro w/interest or Market Paid w/interest)* Brief more options;
    • Prefix;
    • Number of installments;
    • Suffix;
    • Minimum amount of the installment.
  • Options for cash payment:
    • Prefix;
    • Discount amount;
    • Discount type (% or fixed);
    • Suffix;
    • It is possible to disable the spot price and/or the installment price on any product, individually.
  • Position and alignment of this information within the pages;
  • Stylize the installment and cash payment information, separately and by page.


  1. Upload the plugin through the WordPress dashboard, going to “Plugins” > “Add New”;
  2. Activate the plugin by going to the “Plugins” menu;
  3. Enable the plugin functionality and set its options in “WooCommerce” > “Plots”.

Plugin author

Leonardo Robles

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the WooCommerce Parcelas com e sem Juros plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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