Woocommerce estimated delivery date per product | shipping date per product

Woocommerce estimated delivery date per product | shipping date per product | PI WebSolution


  • You don’t have to enter shipping days for each product, just enter it once in shipping method and it applies to all product
  • Add holidays, so you can get more accurate delivery estimate, Free version allows only 5-holiday date to be added
  • If your product has production time then you can add that for that specific product as well
  • Adding delivery days for each of the shipping methods in different zones
  • Show estimated delivery days on Single product, Shop page product, Cart or Checkout page
  • Show Range of estimate date, e.g. Estimated delivery is between min_date and max_date
  • Change the text shown along with the estimated date on the Cart page, Single product page or Shop page
  • Allows you to set default shipping zone, this shipping zone is used to calculate the estimated delivery date when the user comes first and they have not specified the address
  • Change delivery estimate once user select address on cart or checkout page
  • Estimate dates change with Ajax
  • Change position of the estimated delivery date on the Single product page
  • Change position of the estimated delivery date on the Shop page
  • Change background color or text color of the estimated date message on the Cart page, Shop page or a single product page.
  • You can have different colors for these pages
  • It works with all the shipping method that comes with the WooCommerce
  • Show expected date and time of the order in the order summary table for the admin


Supported advanced shipping / dynamic shipping method

Pro features

Buy Pro version for $34 only

  • Change the date format of the estimated delivery date
  • Disable estimate message on Cart page,
  • Disable estimate message on Shop page
  • Disable estimate message on Single product page
  • Product preparation time is added in the estimate of the delivery date
  • Option to disable range and show single date
  • Add unlimited holiday dates in the system
  • Estimate date of individual product
  • Estimate date of complete order as one date
  • Option to show estimate as days count
  • Customize estimate messages with more control
  • Estimated dates are included in order detail and order email
  • Add extra time to product preparation time when product is out of stock and you are allowing back-order
  • You can add Extra out of stock time to each product and in the variable product you can add it to each variation as well
  • Specify the days on the week when your Shop/Shipping company is closed
  • Show estimate dates below each of the shipping methods, so user can select method as per there delivery requirement
  • Option to specify exact product estimate date, if the product will be available to you on some future date for selling then you can’t give estimate based on preparation time, in such case you can enter exact date E.g: if you have some seasonal product that comes on some fix date
  • Have different wording for product estimate when the estimate date is next date E.g: Delivery by Tomorrow
  • Have different wording for product estimate when the estimate date is same day E.g: Delivery by Today
  • Insert estimate using short code [estimate_delivery_date id=”product_id”]
    product_id = will be replaced with the ID of the product for which you want to see the estimate
  • You can add icon in the estimate message on product and product archive page using short code {icon}
  • You can even add your custom icon file for the icon from the plugin setting
  • It support Ajax option for the estimate on the product page so you can use caching on the product page and still have proper estimate
  • Show estimate date even for the dynamically added shipping methods watch video
  • Use product stock arrival date to show exact estimate when product becomes out of stock
Maybe because the installation process is relatively simple, the official website does not write a detailed installation process for the time being. If you encounter problems installing this plugin, you can solve it through search engines or comment below, I will try to help you solve it

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If you encounter problems in using the Woocommerce estimated delivery date per product | shipping date per product plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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