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weMail will help you to send newsletters, collect leads, automated emails, display subscription forms, auto add subscribers to a list, and manage subscribers all inside the WordPress dashboard.

Tightly integrated with WordPress, Cloud-powered email newsletter platform that lets you send emails via Amazon SES, SparkPost, Mailgun, SendGrid, Elasti Mail, or your favorite SMTP provider. A perfect email marketing solution for small to large businesses with large email databases.

Having a large email subscriber list should not be expensive. weMail is tightly integrated into WordPress to make email marketing inside WordPress dashboard simple and easy and powerful

weMail will keep your email subscription process easy and simple.

With weMail, you can focus more on growing subscriber lists and email marketing within the WordPress Dashboard.


weMail features that will help your business –

WordPress Integration:

WordPress integrations that will help you get email subscribers effortlessly and put them into a list to send an email later. Collecting email addresses from WooCommerce user-product order email collection, new WordPress user registration, and commentators’ emails to grow your email list just got easier.

  • WooCommerce : With each WooCommerce store order, you can collect subscribers and put them into an email list.

  • User Registration : Collect subscribers each time anyone registers to your website. You can also automate welcome email as well as doubt opt-in to spam check.

  • Comment Opt-in : Without redirecting visitors for sign up, you can also collect emails from blog comments.

  • WordPress User Sync: Auto import WordPress users to weMail subscribers. Every WordPress user role will auto-import without manually doing anything.

  • Forms after blog posts: Show weMail opt-in forms after every WordPress blog posts of your site.

  • WordPress Transactional Email : You can send all the WordPress transactional email via weMail.

WooCommerce Integration:

Order Spending (total order e.g – subscriber who purchased more than $500)
Order Spending (single order e.g – subscriber who purchased less than $30 on a single order)
Order Frequency (e.g – how many times a single subscribers purchased)
Product Purchased (e.g – send email to who hasn’t purchased product A)
Purchased activity (e.g – has purchased / has not purchased)
Last Purchased

Contact Form Integrations:

weMail has integration for all your favorite contact form plugins –
Contact Form 7
Ninja Forms
Gravity Forms
Caldera Forms
Happy Forms
Formidable Forms
Fluent Forms

Email Sending API Integrations:

weMail support world class email sending solution providers so that you don’t have to worry about the sending part. weMail currently supports –
Amazon SES
Elastic Mail

Other Useful Integrations:



  • Teams: Team features will help you give and revoke access to your WordPress users for email marketing tasks. You can manage an entire email marketing team with weMail. There’s options to customize the user roles you want to give access to. Email marketing will be much easier with weMail.

Contact Form Integrations

  • Contact Form 7: Contact form 7 integration will ensure you don’t lose email addresses on contact form submission.

  • Ninja Forms: It’s natural to list contact form submission email addresses into an email list. So that your email marketing workflow can be easier and simple.

  • Caldera Forms: Whether it’s a single form or multiple forms. Caldera integrations will always work to power up your email marketing.

  • WPForms: One the most popular contact form plugin also works well with weMail.

  • weForms: weForms integration will make sure you have all your contact form submission saved up in a separate email list.

  • Gravity Forms: Gravity Forms also work well with the weMail, giving you greater flexibility of collecting email addresses.

Embed Forms

  • Embed Forms: With HTML embed forms, you can place it anywhere. Widgets, posts or pages weMails embed form will work anywhere.

  • Embed Form Options: Customizable embed form options make it easy for anyone to create an HTML form with custom fields.

Opt-in Forms

  • Inline Form: With the inline form you can place forms inside content and get the subscribers to any list you assign.

  • Floating Bar: Floating bar will float in your website header, when collecting email addresses is your top priority floating bar will help you greatly.

  • Slide Up: Prefer to slide up the subscription box instead of other methods. You can use a weMail slide up form function to slide up a subscription box to collect new emails. You can even control when to show the slide up form depending upon page scroll percentage.

  • Modal: If an email subscriber modal is your preferred way of collecting emails. You can use the Modal box to show the form when you like.

Double Opt-in

Double opt-in helps you prevent dead email contacts and verify them to clean the list. weMail double opt-in feature can provide:

  • Double Opt-in: Cut down your subscribers’ bounce rate by using double opt-in.

  • Double Opt-in Redirection: Redirect double opt-in emails to any other page your campaign requires. You can redirect to any pages, URL or absolutely no redirection at all.


Analytics help you with campaign performance, to make a better-informed decision about your email marketing campaigns. weMail analytics will help

  • 24 Hours Email Statistics: Too busy to check email campaign activity? 24-hour email statistics will send you campaign statistics for the last 24 hours.

  • Google Analytics: weMail will give you the option to use Google Analytics tag so that email link clicks can be tracked and viewed in Google analytics for better references.

  • Campaign Overview: You can get all the email campaigns’ overview from the overview tab, and get a broad picture of how many emails are sent and how many will be sent with what forms and what’s the sending statistics.

  • Email Link Click: Links inside email content will automatically have statistics of how many times they were clicked without setting up third-party trackers. Tracking link clicks is easier than ever.

Email List Features

  • List: Sorting and sending emails to the list of contacts is easier than before. Listings, segments, and tags all can be configured for from the get-go.

  • Multiple List: You can send email to multiple lists, this way you do not have to create a separate campaign for sending the same email to another list.

  • Segments: Segment will help you segment your email contact more precisely, create an unlimited segment to cluster your email contacts appropriately.

  • Tags: Tag contacts for better reference, email contacts make sense when you tag them by their actions.

Import & Export

  • Import Contacts: Import your custom templates, email list from other email marketing tools to weMail using our built-in import settings. Migration is easy, simple and solid.

  • [Import from Mailchimp](https://getwemail.io/docs/wemail/imports/import-subscriber-list-from-mailchimp/: You can import your email lists from Mailchimp using API into new or existing weMail lists.

  • Import from Campaign Monitor: You want to import your email marketing subscribers from Campaign Monitor? weMail got your back. You can import Campaign Monitor lists into weMail by using Campaign Monitors API.

  • Import from MailPoet: Import from MailPoet is also possible with weMail. You only just need to insert your Mailpoet API key and weMail will import all the subscribers into weMail. And you can resume your email marketing activities as usual.

  • Import from CSV: You want more control over what to import. You can use CSV files to import your subscribers for email marketing.

  • Export Email to CSV: Exporting your email contacts to CSV is just a single click away.


  • Email Campaign: Campaigns can be configured straight from the WordPress dashboard without leaving your website.

  • Standard Campaign: Send emails with a standard campaign whenever you feel like to connect with your subscribers.

  • Automated Campaign: Send emails automatically with an automatic campaign, automate the process without going manual ever again.

  • Templates: There is a template for that! You can use our built-in beautiful templates for sending emails.

Email List Management

  • Collect Leads: Place weMail’s HTML embed form or Opt-in form anywhere on the website and collect leads and add them to email list without sweat

  • Automate email: Welcome new subscribers with automated emails without manually doing it every time.

  • Auto Clean List: weMail will automatically clean lists based on bounce email so that you do not have to keep track manually.

  • Bounce Handling: Bounce handling feature will help you maintain email lists effortlessly without configuring it for hard bounce and soft bounce.

  • Mailchimp Sync:
    Mailchimp sync will help you to maintain the same email list in both weMail & Mailchimp. Any kind of subscribe & unsubscribe will work the same way in both the list. This gives you the option to try out weMail at the same time using Mailchimp.

weMail is best for:

  1. Tightly integrated WordPress email marketing plugin
  2. Built-in native forms like (Slide Up, Inline, Modal, Floating Bar) to capture emails.
  3. Handy subscriber management system.
  4. Manage everything inside WP Dashboard
  5. Contact Form plugins integration
  6. Over 100+ awesome templates
  7. Multiple email sending API gateway compatible

weMail Supports:
* Multiple email sending API
* Multisite compatible
* Contact form plugin integration

So why wait? Install weMail today and supercharge your email marketing workflow!

weMail development repository on GitHub

weMail free is limited to 3,000 subscribers with weMail branding in the footer. weMail gives you greater flexibility with a generous subscriber plan – https://getwemail.io/pricing . weMail premium starts from $9 for 10,000 subscribers.

Privacy Policy

weMail collects some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Learn more how weMail collects and uses this data.
Additionally, read weDevs privacy policy for more.


How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/weMail directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin from the dashboard in WordPress
  3. Go to the Dashboard->weMail settings to configure the plugin

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