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Article Plugin by MageNet is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to monetize your website through the automated placement of third-party content on your site.

To install the Article Plugin, you need to sign in/up to your MageNet account and get your MageNet Key.

With the Article Plugin, you’ll start getting new relevant content on your website automatically. After your approval, this plugin creates a new webpage on your site and place an article from your buyers.

Full control
You have the total control over the content placed on your site even though the Article Plugin does all the content placement work for you. You can reject the task for the content placement if you don’t like the provided content or find it irrelevant to your website niche.

Better chances to rank high in SERPs
With the Article Plugin, you’ll be able to regularly update your website with the new content. As a result, you’ll boost your chances to rank for new keywords in SERPs.

Automated changes
Article Plugin will take control of any changes or amendments in the provided content if there will be any.

Auto removal
If the buyer cancels the provided content, the Article Plugin will automatically remove such an article from your website as soon as possible.

Error checking
The Article Plugin will save you from errors that might occur during manual content placement.


Install and activate the Article Plugin using the “Plugins” menu
Log in to or create a new account
Add & confirm your website
Copy your MageNet Key
Come back to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings > “Article Plugin by MageNet”, paste your MageNet Key, and click the “Save” button.

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