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This WordPress plugin started as a portable, cross-platform system that
the Wendell Free Library could use as a transition system from its current
paper card based circulation system to the system that will eventually
be rolled out by the regional library system. It has ‘morphed’ to a
web-based successor to Deepwoods Software’s Home Librarian 3 system.

This plugin implements a simple and basic, web-based, library catalog
and circulation system. There are short codes that can be added to
pages of a WordPress site to search and display items in the library
collection. And there are back-end (admin) pages that implement
management of the collection, management of patrons (users) of the
library, as well as implementing the functionality of a circulation


The plugin can be installed by uploading the Zip file to the plugin
installer or unpacking the zip file under the plugins directory.

There are some options that can be set, but these options are not needed
for basic operation. There are three short codes that can be added to
pages or posts for front end searching and display of your library
collection and there are a number of back-end (dashboard) pages for all
of the management of your library.

Please read the PDF User Manual (also available in
) for complete documentation on using this plugin. This
is a fairly non-trivial plugin, and there is not a simple quick-start guide
for the impatient. The user manual files are 1548805 bytes long for the
Italian version and 1548666 for the Englist version and MD5 sums are
. If you are having trouble opening the PDFs,
please check the size and the MD5Sum. If the size is right and the MD5Sum is
right, try another PDF viewer.

Plugin author

Robert Heller

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the WebLibrarian plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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