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User Spam Remover is a plugin for WordPress that automatically removes spam user registrations and other old, never-used user accounts. It also blocks the notification e-mail that WordPress normally sends to the administrator whenever a new user registers (annoying when that registration is spam!) and logs it instead.

The plugin adds a configuration panel so that all of these options can be turned on or off, and it logs and fully backs up all user accounts that it deletes, so that you can restore them if you need to.


  • Automatically deletes user registration spam and other orphaned, never-used accounts.

  • Very simple, enable and go! Doesn’t interfere with the normal user registration process in any way. So, it doesn’t add captchas or activation or anything else — you’re free to use it alongside a plugin that does, if you like.

  • Blocks notification e-mail that WordPress normally sends to the administrator every time a new user registers (instead, logs this event).

  • Fully configurable, with grace period for new accounts and optional username whitelist.

  • Fully logs all actions and backs up all user accounts that it deletes so that you can seamlessly restore them if you ever need to.

Please see requirements and installation instructions below, or online in the WordPress support forum.

For more information, please go to:



  • PHP 5.1+ (tested with PHP 5.2-7.0)

  • MySQL using PHP mysqli extension (read on for details)

  • WordPress 3.9+

If you are strictly assigning MySQL privileges, note that the plugin adds two column indexes, so your database account must be assigned the ALTER and CREATE privileges (if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, you probably already have this).

  1. Download, unzip and upload into your plugins directory. (Or, install through the plugins menu in WordPress.)

  2. Go to the Plugins configuration screen in WordPress and activate. Look for the settings link to go to the User Spam Remover settings page (User Spam Remover also gets added to the left menu under “Users”).

    Note: if you see mysqli errors at the top of the activation or settings page, you need to tell WordPress use use the mysqli extension instead of the older mysql one. Add this line to your wp-config.php (insert it next to all the other DB settings, near the top):

    define('WP_USE_EXT_MYSQL', FALSE);
  3. On the settings page, you’ll need to click the “Enable” checkbox to turn the plugin on. Scroll down and change any options you like. Click “Save Changes.”

    One note on logging: By default, all logging is enabled (good!), but the log directory is set to the log subdirectory of the plugin. While this is OK, it means your log files will be viewable over the web, so I recommend you change this directory to someplace else (i.e., if the root of your site is /www/mysite/html, do something like /www/mysite/log). Be sure to use chmod or your FTP program to make this directory webserver-writable (don’t worry, User Spam Remover will warn you if it’s not).

  4. Once you’re done, that’s it! Feel free to use the blue “Remove spam/unused accounts now” button to test it out. User Spam Remover will run once a day automatically from now on.

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