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Using Texting for customer service and support is easy with the Text Message Contact Form Plugin by Biz Text. It lets visitors to your website Text you from any device, or even send an email. Easily integrate with our Text Message SMS Plugin to receive, reply, and send Texts right from your WordPress site.

Desktops can’t send SMS without an app connected to a mobile phone’s SMS. With the Text Message Contact Form, your visitors fill out a contact form with their Mobile Phone Number, Email, Name, and Text Message. Their Text goes to your online Texting Dashboard, and a mobile phone’s SMS, and they receive an autoresponse message that their Text was received. Reply to the Texts from your Texting Dashboard or mobile phone, without showing your personal phone number. If they choose to send an email, you can receive a notification and summary of the email by Text so you can see which ones need immediate attention.

The Text Message Contact Form requires an affordable, no-contract, cancel any time Biz Text plan, see our plans at Biz Text Solutions. A Biz Text plan allows you to choose a ‘Biz Text Number’ which is a local phone (or Toll Free number). Your Contact Form(s) displayed on your website allow you to receive Text messages or emails. Customize and display a Button or Link with your Biz Text Number for Mobile with our Text Message SMS Plugin.

The Text Message Contact Form Plugin makes it easy for you to display one or many contact forms anywhere on your website.

Features and Benefits

  • Customize your field names and messages
  • Google ReCaptcha option to protect your site from spam and abuse
  • Allow your visitors to decide whether to have the reply by Text or Email
  • Receive text and email
  • Display on your pages or posts with a shortcode or widget
  • Receive and reply to Texts on Texting Dashboard or mobile phone(s).
  • An automatic reply Text Message sent to your visitor with their message and your Biz Text Number
  • Text notification of an email sent
  • Fix a form by shortcode or widget to the right side of any page or pages on your website, opened by clicking the Biz Text Icon
  • Customize each forms, form name, subject options, and button label
  • Assign Biz Text Admin role to user or custom capability to other roles to access plugin settings

How Biz Text Works – Receive, Reply, and Send Text Messages for Customer Service

  • Choose a ‘Biz Text Number’, a local or Toll Free number and display it on your website
  • Your Biz Text Number lets you receive, reply and send text messages
  • Reply to Texts received from your Texting Dashboard (Install the Text Message SMS Plugin or receive in your WordPress Dashboard) or forward texts to your mobile phone(s)
  • When you reply to Texts from your personal mobile phone, your personal number is hidden from your visitors
  • Affordable, no-contract, cancel any time Biz Text plans available now, see our plans at Biz Text Solutions.
  • Send a Text to a single contact or group of contacts.
  • Add groups with selected contacts.
  • Less phone calls, better service, change your business forever.


To sign up and get information on our plan, visit our page Biz Text Solutions.



  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Upload the folder into the \’/wp-content/plugins/\’ directory
  3. Go to the Plugins admin page and activate the plugin

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If you encounter problems in using the Text Message Contact Form plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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