Salmon | Matthias Pfefferle | Diaspora

Salmon | Matthias Pfefferle | Diaspora,diso,federated,mastodon,ostatus

Description This is a very early state of a salmon-plugin for WordPress. There are still some bugs and problems… Please let me know if you found some. As updates and content flow in real time around the Web, conversations around the content are becoming increasingly fragmented into individual silos. Salmon aims to define a standard …

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Hum | Will Norris

Description Hum is a personal URL shortener for WordPress, designed to provide short URLs to your personal content, both hosted on WordPress and elsewhere. For example, rather than a long URL for a WordPress post such as http://willnorris.com/2011/01/hum-personal-url-shortener-wordpress, you could have a short URL like http://willnorris.com/b/FJ. Additionally, if you have a custom domain for short …

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