disclosure statement

Affiliate Disclosure Statement | Jason Keeley, Bryan Nielsen

Description Provides a shortcode tag that will display an affiliate disclosure statement on a page with dynamic inputs from the plugin admin page. Example 1 Simply include the disclosure shortcode in a page after configuring the disclosure plugin and the statement will automatically be displayed on the page. [affiliate-disclosure-statement] Attributes No attributes Shortcodes shortcodes: [affiliate-disclosure-statement] …

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WP Affiliate Disclosure

WP Affiliate Disclosure | MojofyWP

Description Live Demo: https://www.mojofywp.com/wp-affiliate-disclosure/demo If you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger, or website owner, and you’re promoting products of companies from US, UK, or Canada, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires you to tell your visitors that you will be compensated if they purchase something through your affiliate link(s). However, adding the disclosure statement manually into …

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