Simple Attribution | Widgit Team | attribution

Simple Attribution | Widgit Team | attribution,citation,cite,link,post

Description Simple Attribution is just that… simple! It adds a meta box on post pages which allows bloggers to specify the name and URL of the site a sourced article originated from. Assuming both these fields are filled out, it appends the attribution link to the bottom of the post. Simple Attribution allows links to …

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Zotpress | Katie Seaborn | citation

Zotpress | Katie Seaborn | citation,citations,zotero

Description Zotpress brings publication broadcasting and scholarly blogging to WordPress through Zotero, a free, cross-platform reference manager. Features Displays your personal and group Zotero items through in-text citations, bibliographies, and searchable libraries Supports thumbnail images through WordPress’s Media Library and Open Library Supports selective CSS styling via IDs and classes Provides a range of additional …

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CM Footnotes

CM Footnotes | CreativeMindsSolutions

Description Product Page | Video | Demo | User Guide | Additional CM Plugins Easily add footnotes to any and all of your WordPress pages and posts with the CreativeMinds WordPress footnotes plugin. The WordPress Footnotes plugin allows you to easily add footnotes and citations to any page or post on your WordPress site. This …

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