block adblock

Block AdBlock

Block AdBlock | Admiral

Description Installing the Block AdBlock plugin allows publishers to lock their content until users disable their adblock add-ons. Locked content remains SEO friendly. For advanced analytics and revenue recovery solutions install: Admiral Adblock Analytics Block AdBlock Features Random class naming to make it harder for Block AdBlock to be blocked The ability to customize your …

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NS AdBlock Blocker

NS AdBlock Blocker | NsThemes

Description NS AdBlock Blocker helps you to detect site visitors who have installed and activated adBlocking extensions. You can require users to turn off their ad blocker before allowing them into the site. Substantially this plugin, if adBlock is activated, redirect users into blocked page. OTHER FEATURES Default page fully customizable Use your custom page …

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Gotham Block Extra Light

Gotham Block Extra Light | Kapsule Network

Description This plugin detects if the user’s browser has AdBlock software activated and displays a popup if this is the case (screenshot 1). The popup is 100% customizable. In addition, the aggressiveness of this popup is adjustable: LEVEL 1: The popup will inform the user that blocking ads kills your buisness model and invites them …

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Ad Blocking Detector

Ad Blocking Detector | Admiral

Description For advanced analytics and revenue recovery solutions install: Admiral Adblock Analytics Feature: Built-in Tool Publishers can serve alternative content that appears when users have enabled an adblocker. Ad Blocking Detector will intelligently determine which to display to the user. Check Screenshots tab for examples. Use this tool to feature content such as a sign-up …

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Admiral Adblock Analytics

Admiral Adblock Analytics | Admiral

Description Admiral is the advertising industry’s most advanced platform to help publishers understand how adblocking affects them. With Admiral you can see how much revenue you are losing to adblockers and then start recovering that revenue automatically. The Admiral WordPress plugin is simple, free and easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to integrate into …

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