Footnotes Made Easy | David Artiss | bibliography

Footnotes Made Easy | David Artiss | bibliography,footnotes,formatting,notes,reference

Description Footnotes Made Easy is a simple, but powerful, method of adding footnotes into your posts and pages. Key features include… Simple footnote insertion via double parentheses Combine identical notes Solution for paginated posts Suppress Footnotes on specific page types Option to display ‘pretty’ tooltips using jQuery Lots of configuration options And much, much more! …

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PAPERCITE | Benjamin Piwowarski | bibliography

PAPERCITE | Benjamin Piwowarski | bibliography,bibtex,footnotes,formatting

Description To report bugs or request features, please go to Documentation can be found on papercite format bibtex entries as HTML so they can be inserted in WordPress pages and posts. The input data is a bibtex file (either local or remote) and entries can be formatted by default using various predefined styles. …

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WPBMB Entrez | David Gohara | bibliography,pubmed

Description This plugin allows you to insert references to articles in NCBI Entrez databases ( using a shortcode. It supports any query or search syntax you would use on the main NCBI site. For single sites with simple requirements the options on the settings pages may be enough. For more advanced requirements, such as, multiple …

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footnotes | Mark Cheret

Description Featured on wpmudev: Cheers for the review, folks! footnotes aims to be the all-in-one solution for displaying an automatically generated list of references on your Page or Post. The Plugin ships with a set of sane defaults but also gives the user control over how their footnotes are being displayed. footnotes gives you …

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Mendeley Plugin | Michael Koch

Description Mendeley Plugin for WordPress is a plugin for displaying information from the Mendeley “shared bibliography system” ( in WordPress blogs. Using the public API from Mendeley, meta-information on documents in personal, public or shared collections is loaded and formatted as bibliographic entries. The lists can be included in posts or pages using WordPress shortcodes: …

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Sunray Author Manager

Sunray Author Manager | Matthew Kressel

Description Sunray Author Manager is a versatile plugin for writers, allowing them to highlight their work in multiple formats. The plugin can display covers of an author’s publications in a responsive carousel slider. The plugin can also display an author’s sorted bibliography. There are many configurable options, including slider image size, slider speed, sorting by …

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CM Footnotes

CM Footnotes | CreativeMindsSolutions

Description Product Page | Video | Demo | User Guide | Additional CM Plugins Easily add footnotes to any and all of your WordPress pages and posts with the CreativeMinds WordPress footnotes plugin. The WordPress Footnotes plugin allows you to easily add footnotes and citations to any page or post on your WordPress site. This …

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