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Description This widget shows your stats from, the easiest way to manage your betting portfolio, directly on your blog. This simple widget shows the ROI and profit, number of won bets, top sport and bookie as well as winning percentage (hit rate)directly on your blog. Installation Upload the plugin folder bettings to the /wp-content/plugins/ … widget | Samuel Ericson | betting,sport,statistics Read More »

Easy Bet | Foxskav | betting

Easy Bet | Foxskav | betting,wc,WC2018,world cup

Description Bet matches. You can use this plugin to bet matches with Yours friends. This plugin is a continuation of Bet WC 2018 Russia – Shortcodes [easybet_matches] – Show matches from all leagues [easybet_ranking] – Show ranking from all leagues [easybet_stats] – Show statistic from all leagues [easybet_matches id=”1″] – Show matches from league …

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Odds comparison Widget | | betting

Odds comparison Widget | | betting,comparison,odds,sports

Description View and compare the highest odds on multiple sports, leagues and events. Shows matches from a selected league with the corresponding odds for the different teams. We have odds on all the big sports and leagues. If you prefer to show odds from different betting companies on a single game, you can do that …

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