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The Surbma | GDPR Proof Cookie Consent & Notice Bar plugin helps your website to comply with GDPR cookie regulations by asking every visitors to accept or decline cookies. If visitor choose to decline, than the tracking codes (Google Anayltics, Facebook Pixel) are not loading. If visitor accepts cookies, than the tracking codes (Google Anayltics, Facebook Pixel) are loading. So visitors can choose to be tracked or not, before they visit any page of the website. They even can change their minds and set again the cookies.

Demo link for Cookie Snackbar and Cookie Popup:
Snackbar & Popup DEMO
Demo link for Cookie Shortcodes:
Cookie list & Cookie revoke DEMO

All In One Tracking & Marketing Solution

This plugin manages its own codes, so you have to remove old Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel codes. It is an easy way to embed your tracking and marketing scripts, without coding and file modifications.

The Surbma | GDPR Proof Cookie Consent & Notice Bar plugin can be used as a simple Cookie Policy plugin, if you don’t have any tracking or marketing cookies on your website. Simple and beautiful solution for all websites.

The cookie saved by this plugin is not storing any sensitive personal data, it is storing only two fix values: “yes” or “no”. This cookie management is GDPR proof, as it is impossible to identify any user with the cookie data. Cookies will expire after 30 days by default.

Cache Proof Technology

The Surbma | GDPR Proof Cookie Consent & Notice Bar plugin is the first cookie notice solution, that is compatible with all kind of cache systems. It even works with all managed WordPress hostings’ server side cache solutions.

Limited Liability

This plugin does not substitute any legal adequacy. Texts, that are displayed in the popup is edited by the user of this plugin and I do not take any responsibility regarding GDPR adequacy or change.

Free version features

  • Google Analytics Cookie Management
  • Facebook Pixel Cookie Management
  • Snackbar Before Popup
  • Simple Cookie Policy Popup
  • Hide Decline Button
  • Cookie-Free Social Share Buttons
  • Cookie Scan Page
  • Live Cookie Scan Shortcode
  • Cookie Settings Link With Shortcode
  • Cookie Policy
  • Developer Friendly
  • WPML & Polylang Compatible

Additional features in the Pro version

  • 6 Positions For Snackbar
  • Full Customizations
  • Cookie Policy Link
  • Popup Styles
  • Popup Themes
  • Full Cookie Control
  • Google Analytics IP Anonymization
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code Customizations
  • Facebook Pixel Customer Identifiers Settings
  • Location and design settings for the Cookie-Free Social Share Buttons

Available languages

  • English (US)
  • Hungarian
  • Spanish (Spain)

Features in details

Simple Cookie Policy popup

If you don’t have such cookies on your website, that need visitor consent, you can use this plugin as a simple Cookie Policy popup, so you can inform your visitors about the cookies you use. It will show your informations in a beautiful popup and a link to your Cookie Policy page.

Hide Decline button

If you only want to show the Accept button, you can hide the Decline button.

Cookie-Free Social Share Buttons

You can add Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Email Share Buttons to posts, pages or even custom post types. These share buttons are loading really fast (almost 0 impact in page load time) and they are not using any Cookies on your website. So you can exclude social sharing topic from your Cookie Policy page. Choose if you want to show the buttons before or after the content or both positions. There are pre-defined styles to choose from, but Social Share Buttons can easily changed via CSS.

There is a shortcode also for the social share buttons, that can be used anywhere on your website:


Cookie Scan page

This page will display all the saved cookies for you, so you can see, what cookies are used in your website.

Live Cookie Scan shortcode

You can display all the actual Cookies, a visitor has right now. It is not a full list of Cookies, that your website is using!

This is the shortcode: [surbma-live-cookie-scan]

It has 1 attribute:

cookievalue – Show or hide the Cookie values in the list.


    [surbma-live-cookie-scan cookievalue="false"]

Cookie Settings Link

There is a shortcode, that will place a link in your content. Clicking on the link will open the Cookie Popup again, and users can change their settings about the Cookie trackings.

This is the shortcode: [surbma-cookie-popup-link]

It has 2 attributes:

class – You can set the class of the link, so you can easily create a button like link.
text – You can change the default text of the link, which is “Open Cookie Settings”.


    [surbma-cookie-popup-link text="I've changed my mind about Cookie settings."]
    [surbma-cookie-popup-link class="button" text="Please show me the Cookie settings again!"]

Cookie Policy

Set your Cookie Policy page, where the popup won’t load for visitors. Cookie tracking codes are not loading on this page!

Developer Friendly

If you enable debug mode, popup will show always, on every refresh, so you can test how it works.

WPML & Polylang Compatible

If you have a multilingual website, you can set the texts for each language with WPML String Translation add-on.

Snackbar before Popup

Modest Snackbar before Popup display, so the first time is not that aggressive. The link in the Snackbar opens the Popup. Choose between 6 positions to show the Snackbar.

Full Customizations

Every text is customizable, even the button’s texts! You can also set the design of the buttons.

Cookie Policy Link

Show your Cookie Policy page link in the popup.

Popup Styles

There are popup styles to choose the look and feel of the popup: Default, Almost Flat and Gradient. Fit the style to your website easily.

Popup Themes

There are popup themes to choose the design, you like. The Full Page Themes are hiding the entire content behind the popup. There are a lot of design settings to make the popup fit your website design. Dark mode is also available.

Full Cookie Control

Set cookie expiration for visitors, so the popup won’t show again in X days, you set.

Google Analytics IP Anonymization

You might need to disable IP Anonymization of the hit sent to Google Analytics. This setting is active by default to ensure the maximum GDPR compliance, but you can disable this option.

Google Analytics Tracking Code Customizations

Choose between gtag.js framework or analytics.js library. You can also set, if you want to track logged in users or the admin area.

Facebook Pixel Customer Identifiers Settings

Add Facebook Pixel Customer Identifiers to your Facebook Pixel code. Improve the ability to match site visitors to people on Facebook by passing additional site visitor information (such as email address or phone number).

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  1. Upload surbma-gdpr-proof-google-analytics folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the GDPR Proof Cookie Consent & Notice Bar plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to settings page: Settings -> GDPR Proof Cookies
  4. Set the Popup content, display options, tracking code settings and approve the Limited Liability option.
  5. That’s it. 🙂

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