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SNS Count Cache is a plugin which helps you to shorten page loading time displaying share and follower counts through the use of cache mechanism.

In the upgrade from Ver. 0.11.1 or below, Reregistration of information such as client ID, client secret, and access token is needed in the setting page.

The plugin gets share counts for the following SNS and caches these counts in the background.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pocket
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Hatena Bookmark

Note: You can select alternative Twitter API for share count retrieval from the following alternatives.

  • widgetoon.js & count.jsoon
  • OpenShareCount
  • TwitCount

The plugin also caches follower counts for the following SNS in the same way.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Feedly
  • Instagram
  • OneSignal
  • Push7

The share and follower counts can be retrieved quickly not through network but through the cache using given functions.

The following shows functions to get share count from the cache:

  • scc_get_share_twitter()
  • scc_get_share_facebook()
  • scc_get_share_pocket()
  • scc_get_share_pinterest()
  • scc_get_share_linkedin()
  • scc_get_share_hatebu()
  • scc_get_share_total()

The following shows functions to get follower count from the cache:

  • scc_get_follow_feedly()
  • scc_get_follow_twitter()
  • scc_get_follow_facebook()
  • scc_get_follow_instagram()
  • scc_get_follow_onesignal()
  • scc_get_follow_push7()

The following describes meta keys to get share count from custom field.

  • scc_share_count_twitter
  • scc_share_count_facebook
  • scc_share_count_pocket
  • scc_share_count_pinterest
  • scc_share_count_linkedin
  • scc_share_count_hatebu
  • scc_share_count_total

The following describes meta keys to get delta of share count from custom field.

  • scc_share_delta_twitter
  • scc_share_delta_facebook
  • scc_share_delta_pocket
  • scc_share_delta_pinterest
  • scc_share_delta_linkedin
  • scc_share_delta_hatebu
  • scc_share_delta_total

Arbitrary section


  1. Download zip archive file from this repository.

  2. Login as an administrator to your WordPress admin page.
    Using the “Add New” menu option under the “Plugins” section of the navigation,
    Click the “Upload” link, find the .zip file you download and then click “Install Now”.
    You can also unzip and upload the plugin to your plugins directory (i.e. wp-content/plugins/) through FTP/SFTP.

  3. Finally, activate the plugin on the “Plugins” page.

Plugin author

Daisuke Maruyama

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the SNS Count Cache plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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