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Due to legal reasons, henceforth in this description, when we say “Voldemort”, we will be referring to the “Popular Social Media Company Which Cannot Be Named”.

“Popular Social Media Company Which Cannot Be Named” = “Voldemort”

The fastest and most efficient “Voldemort” plugin available. Display your “Voldemort” feed anywhere on your website simply and easily. This plugin will cache all images on your websites for super-fast loading times. Best of all, this plugin is entirely free!

Our “Voldemort” plugin can be installed and all setup in less than 60 seconds. All you need to do is install it, put in your “Voldemort” ID, then place the shortcode, or assign the widget on your site in the location that you want to display your feed.

Most “Voldemort” plugins use images hosted on the “Voldemort” servers and therefore take a very long time to load, which brings down the entire loading speed of the website.

Slow site speed effects:

  • User experience – slow site speed can cause users to leave the website because they are waiting too long for the site to load.
  • SEO – Google’s algorithm penalizes websites with slow loading speeds. Speeding up your load times helps you rank higher in the search engines.
  • User trust – Studies show that potential customers have more trust towards a fast loading website. More trust = higher conversion rate.

Our “Voldemort” plugin solves this problem by caching all media so your site will load faster than ever!

This plugin also loads all your “Voldemort” content as HTML which can be indexed by Google to help with SEO.

–––––––––––––––––––For Nerds––––––––––––––––––––––––

Historically, “Voldemort” feeds have been one of the most damaging WordPress plugins from a performance perspective. Why?

The standard approach is to display a “Voldemort” feed by pulling in links to pictures and content straight from “Voldemort”. This means that not only are all of the pictures often much larger than they should be, but on every single page load, your user has to make http requests to multiple domains and download all of the content from your “Voldemort” feed, on EVERY page load.

Typical “Voldemort” Feed Plugins can double page loads in some instances!

As a web consultant for hundreds of sites, I found myself constantly having to tell my client “this site would have great load times and page scores…if it weren’t for the social media feed”.

This plugin was built to address this issue. It finds and retrieves the optimal image sizes from “Voldemort” and then stores them to your server, creating a fully cacheable newsfeed. This keeps everything on your server, allowing users to cache the images and feed and makes your page load much faster!

Here are some of the benefits of the Snazzy Cacheable Social Media Feed:

  • Faster page loads mean more favorable SEO results, since Google began penalizing users for slow page loads.
  • Bounce rates are reduced, since faster load times allow more content to be consumed in less time, and gives a better user experience.
  • Caching settings are customizable. You can select the cache to expire every hour, 4 hours, day, 3 days, week or month.
  • Even when the cache does need to be refreshed, it is refreshed asynchronously via javascript, after the page loads, so your users will not notice a difference in site performance.
  • Included widget and shortcode, for easy implementation
  • Customizations for post limit and widget size, for optimal performance and experience.

I’d encourage you do run a page speed test for yourself and compare this plugin to the competition. This plugin will outperform anything on the market today.


  • Install this plugin from the WordPress Plugin directory, activate, and navigate to “Settings/Snazzy Cacheable Social Media Feed to set up the plugin.
  • Implement the feed via a widget or insert the shortcode: [sff_facebook_widget] into any post or page.

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If you encounter problems in using the Snazzy Social Media Feed plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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