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WordPress Directory Plugin for Modern Websites

WordPress Directory plugin with a unique approach! Simple Link Directory is a unique and advanced WordPress Directory plugin and a Link Manager for One Page directory and Content Curation. Create innovative and elegant Link, Resources page or Link page on your WordPress website in matter of minutes.

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Simple Link Directory includes Shortcode Generator Directory Block for Gutenberg.

It is the best wordpress directory plugin for the new age web. Suitable for small to medium scale directory websites. Compatible with any theme. With the Pro version of Simple Link Directory you can start making money on complete Auto Pilot easily and quickly with Paid link submission and Claim Listing features. This plugin can be used for Single page Business directory, One page Link directory, Link library, Bookmark collection, Directory listing, Web directory, Listing directory, Video Gallery, Youtube Video Directory, Video Database, Vendor or Partners Directory, Affiliates Directory, Resources page, Link Curation, Intranet etc.

This plugin also allows other website owners to Embed the Link Lists you curated, on their websites and increase sharing, engagement and value of your own website in return. As a HUGE bonus you can get Backlinks when your Curated Listing is embedded on another websites! Showcase all your Bookmarks and Favorite links with this useful plugin.

With the Thumbs Up feature, your site users can vote for the most useful Links in your Listings. This is a great way to make your website interactive and invite user feedback.

This is the new way to curate useful Link Collections and Link Directory easily and quickly. Turn your website into an Authority website by curating niche specific useful links or even a local business directory that your users will love, bookmark, embed, share and come back for more! Increasing user engagement and dwell time on your website is the best way to rank high in Google SERP.

Upgrade to Simple Link Directiory Pro!

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Who Should Use this Plugin?

This plugin is a good fir for you if you are a:

  • Prolific Blogger
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Curator
  • Marketer
  • Webmaster
  • Advertising or Marketing Agency

Simple Link Directory Use Cases

Use for Your Resources Page:
Do you manage a Resources Page or Links Page with lists of useful links to other websites? If so, Simple Link Diretory is a perfect solution for you to manage those links, show them beautifully and invite user engagement.

Build a Complete Directory Website:
These days one page or small directory websites have become quite popular. If you are passionate about something why not turn your bookmarks into a Single Page directory? With the help of this plugin, you can create niche specific Directory website within a matter of hours that can attract a lot of new visitors and attention.

Create a Link Manager for Company Intranet:
A lot of businesses require their company employees to access certain websites on regular basis. Such as Media or Marketing company. You can create link directories for your company Intranet using this plugin.

The pro version also provides the ability for registered users to create their own bookmarks or favorite lists selected from your listings. SLD Pro version is the only plugin with such link bookmarking feature.

Create a Local Business Directory:
Do you want to create Lists of the best restaurants or pet shops in your city? You can do that with SLD. Create a directory for Chiropractors, resorts, schools or local businesses with SLD.

Create a Vendor Directory:
If you are a business with a lot of vendors that carry your products – use this plugin to List them in a user friendly manner. Your website users will thank you.

Create a Video Gallery or Video Directory
You can use Simple Link Directory as a Vimeo or Youtube Video Directory Listing. With the pro version, simply add links to Vimeo or Youtube Videos and the video will play in a lightbox. Create a Video Gallery or Video database from Youtube and Vimeo easily with this multi-purpose directory plugin. Check the Video Directory Demo You can use any of the available templates for the Video Gallery or Video Directory!

Create Affiliate Links Directory:
Want to create useful directories with affiliate links? This plugin is perhaps the best possible solution that you will find online for the purpose. The professional version even allows you to mask URLs, should you want.

Create Top Sites List:
Although, Simple Link Directory does not have all the bells and whistles of top site scripts but you can easily make it work like that. The Upvote feature allows users to Vote for Links that they like and find useful. Order by UpVote feature lets you sort the links by number of upvotes. Pretty handy.

Make Money with Your Directory – Passive Income:
With the SLD Professional Version it is dead simple and insanely quick to create a best directory set up that can generate passive income for you over time. Do some SEO and regular blogging along with your website and you can start making money online with minimal effort.

How Does this Plugin Help you?

This plugin lets you create unique, responsive, one page link directory that you can show on any page, anywhere with short codes. It is an advanced Link Manager. It can also be used to create nice looking partners, associates, affiliates or Business Directory for your company if you want.

Forget those old and traditional, boring styles and layouts. This innovative and powerful, yet Link Directory PlugIn allows you to create and curate comprehensive Lists of links with website logo and a short description with ease. Build Useful Link Collections, Link Library, Business Diretory or Resource page of your favorite bookmarks in style with this Link Manager plugin. Share with your website users and let them share yours.

Curate dozens or hundreds of lists of relevant website links on any broad topic. Then show all your Link Lists in a beautiful layout on a single page. Or you can choose any single link List to show with short code. Let people upvote Links and show what they like. Possibilities are endless.

Lite Version vs Professional Version

The Lite or Free version of SLD is perfectly fine if you plan to have a small directory of few lists that you want to show on any one of your WordPress page. You can even use combinations of other 3rd party plugins to monetize website. Below are the Lite version Main Features:

  • Unlimited Directories and Lists that can be displayed on any of your pages easily
  • Gutenberg Block for Directory
  • 4 Beautiful, Responsive Templates
  • Embed Option to share your Listing Directories
  • Show Single List or All Lists
  • Import Lists from CSV file
  • Integrated real support
  • Scroll to top
  • Outbound click tracking through google analytics
  • Upvote or Like Links
  • Add Link Button that Can Link to A Contact Form Page of Your Choice so Anyone Can Suggest Links to Your
  • Easy and Quick Short Code Generator, so you do not have to hunt down the shortcode parameters

A pro version of SLD is available with more advanced features to run a portal website.
Pro features:


  • Build lists with dozens or hundreds of links and show them in one page
  • Auto Generate Title and Description from website link
  • Auto Generate Thumbnail from Website link
  • Topic based Link Lists that can be Displayed Category wise
  • Multi Page mode generates Category, Lists and Link Details pages automatically starting with your page slug from a single shortcode
  • Tabbed Category Listing of All Your Directory Lists
  • Video Gallery – Vimeo Video Directory and Youtube Video Directory
  • Play Youtube Video and Vimeo Video Links in a LightBox Modal
  • Use as Link Directory, Resources page, Links page, Partners page, Associates page, Logo showcase, Local Business Directory, or Vendors page. Possibilities are endless
  • Live, on page, instant search
  • Live, on page, instant filtering of lists
  • Live, on page, instant filtering by Tags
  • Scroll to Top Button
  • RTL support
  • Optional Fixed Position Filter buttons that can be Left aligned or placed at top of your Lists
  • Multi Language support with mo/pot file. Dutch and Russian language files included.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder or any Visual Builder that supports shortcode.

Community Features

  • Allow users to submit links to your directory
  • Complete front end user registration, login and link submission
  • Free or Paid Link Listing Opportunity
  • Auto approve option for user registration to the directory
  • New user role: SLD User
  • Allow any WordPress User to Add Link
  • Auto approve links option
  • Manage user submitted links to the directory
  • Unlimited front end link submission for Admin user
  • Invite user interaction with Upvote
  • Enable Upvote for Main Click in General settings
  • Choose your UpVote icon: Thumbs up, Firey Hot, Heart, Star or Smiley Face.
  • Allow users to embed your lists on their websites
  • Allow registered users to create their own Favorite List of links


  • 16 templates to choose from for Single Page mode
  • 2 templates to choose from for Multi Page mode
  • Fully responsive and modern designs
  • Directory templates are designed for different use case scenarios
  • Use theme fonts or choose a Google font
  • Fixed position filtering area
  • Custom CSS to add your own style

Front End Submission Features

  • Front End User Registration with Captcha, Log in, Link Submission
  • Alternaive option for link submission button (link to a contact form or google doc)
  • Admin Approves User Submitted Links to Listing Directory or Set to Auto Approve
  • Enable Free Frontend Submission
  • Free Submission Limit
  • Enable Email Notification for New Item Submission
  • Mark Paid Item as Featured
  • Show Featured Item at Top
  • Registration Captcha
  • Allow any logged in user to add link. Makes it possible for your existing site users to add link without registering again.
  • Allow User to Update Profile
  • Allow User to Upload Image
  • Do Not Allow do-follow Links
  • Auto Approve Registered Users
  • Auto Approve Item Submission
  • Exclude Lists from Front End Submission
  • Enable Email Notification for Package Expiration
  • Enable Claim Listing
  • Show Claim Listing Button at Top
  • Enable Paypal payment
  • Enable Paypal Test Mode
  • Enable Stripe payment

Admin Friendly Functionality

  • 5 ways to add images: Auto Favicon, Font Awesome Icon, Upload Image, Paste Image Link OR Auto Generate Screenshot thumbnails from Website Links
  • Auto Generate Title and Description from website link
  • Auto Generate Thumbnail from Website link
  • 3 Sidebar Widgets for Latest Links, Most Populat Links and Random Links
  • User Up Vote Management
  • Reset Upvotes – Upvote Expire after certain days
  • Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
  • Two Diefferent Ways to Edit Directory Lists
  • Copy List Items or Links to Other Lists
  • Unpublish List Items or Links
  • Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
  • Text block with each list that supports any shortcode. Display Ads Inside Directory
  • Embed option. Other website owners can now embed the useful lists you create on their websites with a backlink to your own website. Configure the text that will show with the embeds. Great for SEO!
  • Google Analytics Integration for outbound link click tracking!
  • CSV Import to create new lists easily.
  • CSV Export your lists for backup
  • Import your exported CSV back with update lists
  • Edit Front End Text Labels from Laanguage Settings Area

Customizability and Flexibility

  • Choose theme font or google font.
  • Configurable highlight color for each list
  • Customize colors, fonts and almost all aspects of the link lists
  • Complete control over directory list ordering
  • Custom Ordering of Lists
  • Order List Items by Up votes, Item title, Date
  • Randomize Lists and List Items
  • Over a dozen shortcode parameters
  • Easy and Powerful Shortcode Generator – no need to hunt down all the different parameters
  • Custom JS and CSS panel to modify directory functionality
  • Pagination for List Items available as a shortcode option.
  • Mark Directory Links as New or Featured
  • Expire Items Marked as New After a Certain Time Defined by You
  • Language center to easily update system languages

Topsite List Script Features

  • Order Listing Directory by Link Clicks
  • Click statistics for admin
  • Restrict upvote by IP
  • Restrict UpVote for Logged in Users only
  • Reset upvotes for Specific Lists
  • Reset upvotes for All Lists
  • Enable Upvote for Main Click in General settings

Link Directory for Company Intranet
* Allow any registered user to create their own favorite List by bookmarking links from your diretory lists.
* Dynamically add or remove links from bookmark list from front end
* Use a single master CSV file to Export and Import your listings


Creating lists is a breeze with SLD Each List item needs only a Title, Link, and an Image. The subtitle is optional. There are 4 ways to add images: Auto Favicon (as in auto), Font Awesome Icon, Upload Custom Image, or Paste External Image Link.

You can also build your list as CSV file in excel and import your Lists. You can export all your lists as CSV file, make changes, and import it back quickly.

SLD is optimized for speed and performance in code level.

SEO Friendly Directory

The templates’ HTML are SEO friendly. h2 and h3 tags were used as appropriate. You can define if a link should be no-follow or do-follow.

This plugin allows you to create a content hub and authority website.

Also, as part of your main website this plugin is a great addition because outbound links to relevant websites are great SEO plus marks for your website.

Monetization Option to Earn Money Online on Auto Pilot

  • Integrated PayPal payment option for user link submission
  • Create subscription package with any amount and your PayPal email ID
  • Free and/or Paid Listing to Earn Money
  • Claim Listing
  • Define link visibility duration and your currency of payment
  • AD/Text Block with each list to make money using shortcode of other plugin
  • URL masking option for affiliate links
  • SLD is the best way to earn money online – and the quickest. You can start making money with wordpress in 48 hours or less

Directory AddOns

Broken Link Checker

  • Checks broken links on all pages, posts and custom post types
  • Checks broken links for the Simple Link Directory Lists
  • Quick Scan broken links any time
  • Full Scan broken links on automated scheduled times with time scope and post status
  • Send email notifications and view saved report
  • Link Report for Internal External links on all pages and posts

Review, Rating for SLD Pro

  • Allow your site users to leave a review comment and rate the link listings.
  • Allow review for logged in users only or allow guest
  • Auto approve reviews or approve by admin before being published
  • Turn rating, review on and off shortcode or page basis
  • Add/Edit/Manage reviews from admin
  • Change All language texts from admin
  • Contact Us for Details.

Modern Multi Page Mode

  • Display your Link Lists with a Completely Innovative Look!
  • Modern and innovative List view and link display
  • Choose from two different templates
  • Filter by List, Categories and Tags
  • Pagination support
  • Change all text languages

Upgrade to Simple Link Directiory Pro
Looking for a Complete Solution? Check Out our Simple Link Directory Theme

ShortCode Generator

You are encouraged to use the SLD * handy Short Code generator * from your page’s Visual Editor. But here are the most important shortcode parameters if you want to do it manually.

Link Lists can be shown in the front end using short tags with different options:
[qcopd-directory mode=”all” column=”3″ style=”style-1″ ]

  1. mode
    Value for this option can be set as “one” or “all”.
  2. column
    Avaialble values: “1”, “2”, “3” or “4”.
  3. style
    Avaialble values: “simple” or “style-1”.
    Only 4 templates are available in the free version. For more styles or templates, please purchase the premium version.
  4. orderby
    Compatible order by values: ‘ID’, ‘author’, ‘title’, ‘name’, ‘type’, ‘date’, ‘modified’, ‘rand’ and ‘menu_order’.
  5. order
    Value for this option can be set as “ASC” for Ascending or “DESC” for Descending order.
  6. list_id
    Only applicable if you want to display a single list [not all] out of your link directories. You can provide specific list id here as a value. You can also get ready shortcode for a single list under “Manage List Items” menu.
  7. enable_embedding
    Allow visitors to embed list in other sites. Supported values – “true”, “false”. Example: enable_embedding=”true”

** We welcome your feedback and new feature requests to improve the plugin! **

Please Leave a Review for This Plugin

If you like our effort and would like to support us, encourage us or if you just thought that this plugin was somewhat helpful, please leave a 5 star rating and a short blurb on what you like the most about it. It means the world to us and motivates our developers to keep adding kool, new, premium features to this plugin.

If you face any issue, or want more features please leave a comment, instead of review. We take all customer feedback seriously and take actions asap.


  1. Create new lists with your links.
  2. After activating the plugin, create a new page or post. In the body section write this shortcode
    [qcopd-directory mode=”all” column=”3″ style=”style-1″ ]
  3. Save the page/post and check the page in front end. You’ll see a nicely designed Link Directory.
  4. Under the SLD Settings-Help in admin area you can find more details and tips.


  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload simple-link-directory in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel go to plugins and activate the plugin
  3. Create a new page and paste the plugin Short Code with short code generator.
  4. You are done.

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