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Looking for an easy, user-friendly and robust Job board plugin?

Simple Job Board by PressTigers is an easy, light weight plugin that adds a job board to your WordPress website.
This plugin is extendible and easy to use. A customized job board is created to manage various job offers via WordPress with the Simple Job Board. You can add multiple job listings and can show them on any page by inserting [jobpost] shortcode. You can add multiple job features and customized application forms for every distinct job listing. You can also add notes to an application right from the dashboard.

Live Demo

Please click here for Simple Job Board Demo.

Product Tour

You can have a hand’s on experience of SJB on our “demo site” and you can also review the video tutorial below on how you can install & configure the SJB plugin on your own website.

Simple Job Board Add-ons

Plugin Features

  • Add, categorize and manage all jobs using the granular WordPress User Interface.
  • Allow job listers to add job types in job listings.
  • Add job location to an individual job created.
  • Add category shortcode to any post to enlist job listing of that particular category.
  • Add job Location to any post by using specified shortcode.
  • Add Job Type to any post by using specified shortcode.
  • Add a combination of multiple shortcodes for a job listing.
  • Use the Anti-hotlinking option to enhance the security of your documents.
  • Upload documents in various extensions.
  • View Applicants’ list who applied for a particular job.
  • Set job listing, job features, application form, filters and email notifications for a job through global settings.

For more plugin documentation, see other notes section.

Can you contribute?

If you are an awesome contributor for translations or plugin development, please contact us at [email protected]


  • International Telephone Input(
  • Google Fonts(
  • jQuery UI(
  • WP Color Picker Alpha(
  • Create Guten Block by Ahmad Awais(

Configurations & Templating

Follow the following steps for a fully functional Job Board:

  1. After installation, go to “Job Board” menu in the admin panel, and add a new job listing.
  2. Add multiple job features and a fully customized application form right from the job listing editor.
  3. To list all the job listings and start receiving applications, add [jobpost] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor.
  4. After someone fills an application form from the front-end, you will receive it right in the dashboard.
  5. You can add special notes to an application by opening its detail page.

Job Board Templating

The job board templating feature allows you to change the following file templates.

  • content-job-listing-grid-view.php
  • content-job-listing-list-view.php
  • content-single-job-listing.php
  • single-jobpost.php
  • archive-jobpost.php
  • job-filters.php
  • search/keyword-search.php
  • search/category-filter.php
  • search/location-filter.php
  • search/type-filter.php
  • search/search-btn.php
  • listing/content-no-jobs-found.php
  • listing/listing-wrapper-start.php
  • listing/listing-wrapper-end.php
  • listing/job-listings-start.php
  • listing/job-listings-end.php
  • listing/job-pagination.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/company.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/job-title-company.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/location.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/logo.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/posted-date.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/short-description.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/title.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/type.php
  • single-jobpost/job-application.php
  • single-jobpost/job-features.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/company-logo.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/company-name.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/company-tagline.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-location.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-posted-date.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-title.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-type.php
  • widget/job-widget-start.php
  • widget/job-widget-end.php
  • widget/content-recent-jobs-widget.php
  1. To change a template, please add “simple_job_board” folder in your activated theme’s root directory.
  2. Add above mentioned file from plugin simple-job-board >templates folder keeping the same file directory structure and do whatever you want.

Enjoy your work with Simple Job Board templating.


  1. Download plugin.
  2. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory to your web server.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Add a standard WordPress page or post and use the [jobpost] shortcode in the editor to make it a Job Board.

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