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Simple File List is a free plugin that gives your WordPress website a list of your files allowing your users to open and download them. Users can also upload files if you choose.

Simple File List is also an alternative to using FTP or Dropbox for larger files. There’s no need to deal with Dropbox or FTP usernames and passwords anymore! Everything is on your WordPress website.

  • Manage your files and the list settings from the Admin List.
  • Complete settings for: list display and performance, file uploading restrictions, upload notifications and additional functionality options.
  • Both the Front-side List and Uploader can be shown to users based on their role; Everyone, Only Logged-in User, Only Admins or Nobody.
  • Optionally collect the uploader’s name, email and description of the file(s). This can then be shown in the file list.
  • Files can also be assigned descriptions, which can be added from the Admin list or user uploads. Descriptions can be shown or hidden.
  • Use the Send option to send someone an email with a link to your file.
  • Optionally allow your front-side users full control over renaming, moving, sending, deleting and editing descriptions.

This Plugin is Great For

  • Posting official documents.
  • Sharing files within an organization.
  • Sharing files with business clients or a community.
  • Enabling distance learning by allowing schools to share class materials with students.
  • When you need a list of archived files, such as videos, PDF files, or music files.
  • When you need a simple front-side uploader so people can send you files.
  • Exchanging files when the sizes get too large for email attachments.

List Features

  • Limit access to only Admins or logged-in users, or hide the list and only show the uploader.
  • Add and manage your files from the Admin List.
  • Show columns for file date, size and a thumbnail for images and videos.
  • Add descriptions to files and optionally show them in your list.
  • Sort file by name, date or file size … ascending or descending.
  • Thumbnail images are generated automatically for images and videos (ffMpeg required).
  • Send emails with links to your files to others.
  • Files are kept separate from the media library

Uploader Features

  • Simple reliable uploader, works on mobile devices too.
  • Drag and drop zone, plus upload progress bar
  • Allow uploading to only Admins or logged-in users, or turn it off completely.
  • Limit the types of files users can upload.
  • Limit number of files uploaded per submission.
  • Limit the maximum upload file size.
  • Get an email notice each time a file is uploaded.
  • Option to gather the uploader’s name, email and comments.

Shortcode Attributes

  • Over-ride the main list’s settings on a per page/post/widget basis using shortcode attributes.
  • Shortcode Builder allows you to create custom file list shortcodes.
    ** Choose to create a new draft post/page with the shortcode in place.
  • List Visibility: showlist=”YES / USER / ADMIN / NO”
  • Uploader Visibility: allowuploads=”YES / USER / ADMIN / NO”
  • File Thumbnail Column: showthumb=”YES / NO”
  • File Size Column: showsize=”YES / NO”
  • File Date Column: showdate=”YES / NO”
  • File List Appearance: showheader=”YES / NO”
  • File Actions (Open | Download): showactions=”YES / NO”
  • List Sort By: sortby=”Name, Date, Size, or Random”
  • List Sort Order: sortorder=”Descending or Ascending”
  • Hide Files: hidename=”this-file.docx, that-folder”
  • Hide File Types: hidetype=”psd, zip, folder”


  • de_DE – German (Germany)
  • es_ES – Spanish (Spain)
  • es_MX – Spanish (Mexico)
  • fr_CA – French (Canada)
  • fr_FR – French (France)
  • fr_BE – French (Belgium)
  • it_IT – Italian (Italy)
  • nl_NL – Dutch (Netherlands)
  • pt_BR – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • pt_PT – Portuguese (Portugal)
  • sv_SE – Swedish (Sweden)


  • Simple lightweight design, easy to style and customize.
  • Committed support from the developer, including internal support contact form.

PRO Version (Optional)

  • Create unlimited levels of sub-folders.
  • Use a shortcode attribute to display specific folders.
    ** [eeSFL showfolder=”folderA/folderB”]
  • Display different folders in different places on your site.
  • You can even show several different folders on the same page and within widgets.
  • Front-side users cannot navigate above the folder you specify.
  • Breadcrumb navigation indicates where you are.
  • Easily move files and folders as needed.
  • Rename folders and add descriptions, which can be shown in the file list.
  • Quickly delete any folder, along with all contents.
  • Choose to sort folders first or sort along with the files.
  • Optionally display folder sizes.
  • Optionally define a custom file list directory.

PRO ADD-ON – Search & Pagination (Optional)

  • Adds searching and pagination functionality.
  • Designed to make very large file lists more manageable.
  • Adds a search bar above the file list.
  • Search by file name and/or date, if this column is displayed.
  • Searches within sub-folders. (But not above the current folder)
  • Pagination breaks up large file lists into smaller pages.
  • Define the number of files per page in the settings.
  • Show or hide the search bar and/or pagination in the settings.
  • Updating to newer versions is just like other WordPress plugins.
  • Shortcode attributes to control search visibility and pagination functionality.
    ** [eeSFL search=”YES/NO” paged=”YES/NO” filecount=”25″]
  • Use a shortcode to place a search form anywhere on your website.
    ** [eeSFLS permalink=’file-list-url’]


  1. To install, simply upload the plugin zip file to your WordPress website and activate it. Configure the simple settings in the new menu that will appear in your sidebar. Explanations of each feature accompany the inputs.
  2. To add the plugin to your website, simply add this shortcode: [eeSFL]
  3. Customize the shortcode using attributes listed above.

Plugin author

Mitchell Bennis

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Simple File List plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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