Shieldfy Security Firewall and Anti Virus | Shieldfy Security Team | antimalware

Shieldfy Security Firewall and Anti Virus | Shieldfy Security Team | antimalware,antivirus,security,sql-injection,xss


Start Protecting Your Website Block attacks targeting your website.

Shieldfy works as an external shields loads before your website and filter all requests , passing only trusted non harmful traffic and block other malicious traffic

Shieldfy Engine can identify and block several attacks including and not limited to
Unrestricted file uploads , XSS (cross site scripting) , SQLI (SQL Injection) , RCE (Remote Code Execution), LFI/RFI (Local/Remote File Inclution) and many other

IP Analysis and Risk Score.

Shieldfy identify the persona of your blog visitors via IP , UserAgent , if user connectos through TOR , VPN , Proxy and more Trying to detect if that user wants to do something bad or not.

Fast High level support

Shieldfy security team is always here for help , our support is here for you anytime 24/7.


Installation required to register to to get your token

  1. install your plugin and activate it
  2. go to and create a new account
  3. add new application , you will redirect to setup page , choose wordpress and copy your app key and app secret
  4. in the plugin page paste your app key & secret and click Activate

Plugin author

Shieldfy Security Team

Plugin official website address
If you encounter problems in using the Shieldfy Security Firewall and Anti Virus plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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