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Security, Antivirus, Firewall – S.A.F.

Security plugin of the website it’s key to your safety and calmness. Protect your website from hackers attacks and spammers. Powerful tools with smart algorithms, simple interface and very effective action protect files on your server from any kind of malwares and vulnerabilities themes and plugin. S.A.F. plugin work in background to protect your entire website and every single part of your website. S.A.F. scan all plugins, themes and core files in background as result you get full reports and detailed logs. S.A.F. notfiy you multiply ways all security threats and attacks attempts. S.A.F. most powerfull security tool for wordpress with multi site functionality support.
Scan files system, healing infected files, protect your website from brute force attacks it’s a main goals of S.A.F.

Security, Antivirus, Firewall – S.A.F. Modules

  • Live System Monitor (System Log)
  • Antivirus
  • Cloud Antivirus Monitor
  • Security Email Report
  • Firewall (Network Monitor)
  • Brute Force Monitor
  • 404 Detector
  • Easy Password
  • Google Captcha
  • Auto Update
  • Cron Scheduler
  • WordPress info

Security, Antivirus, Firewall – S.A.F. Features

  • Brute force security protection
  • Antivirus files security scanner
  • Cloud antivirus security module
  • Protect website from spammers
  • Protect backend from attacks
  • Detection of vulnerable plugins/themes
  • Malware security scanner
  • Advanced admin security notification
  • DD0S attacks protection
  • Files permission check
  • Antivirus security scanning
  • Multi site security support
  • Daily, weekly, monthly security report

Security, Antivirus, Firewall – S.A.F. Functionality Details

Live System Monitor (System Log)
Security system monitor show you all events related with all security modules. You can simple control everything what’s happening in your system. System security monitor collect details of all changes in system including another security modules. You can see detailed log of every single change. You always know what’s happening with your website you wouldn’t miss any illegal activity. This security module will show all brute force security module notifications, malware detection by file system security monitoring modules and much more.

Security Email Report
With email security report you can stay informed about status of all security modules on your website. You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly report period and select time when you with to send security reports. In security report you’ll get detailed information about all security issues, attacks and security events on your website. Report have antivirus report, brute force attacks security report, firewall bans report, network monitor security report, 404 detection security report, google captcha report.

Firewall (Network Monitor)
Firewall security module protect your website from intrusions and hacker attacks. Network monitoring detect attacks and ban IP’s of the attacker. Firewall provide wide range of security settings for monitoring process and banned IP’s management. Ban manager provide few security modes for temporary and permanent ban attackers IP’s.

Brute Force Monitor
With brute force security protection module you can limit number of attempts for failed logins. IP of the hacker will be blocked when brute force attacks will be detected by this S.A.F. module. In settings section you can customize lock time, amount of brute force attemts for the first and second time of the brute force detection. Brute force attacks detection module also include admin notifications settings. S.A.F. provide you multi step brute force security notification after first attepmt of brute force attack Ip of the attacker will be blocked for some configured amount of time. After second brute force attack attemt you can define different lock time. Smart security monitoring of the brut force attacks it’s really important. Brute force detection will help to protect your website in time.

Antivirus security module protect your website from infection and heal already infected files in the case if it’s already happened. Our antivirus security module implemented based on unique 2 level viruses control. On the first level our antivirus scan your server files and detect all infection cases. Second level scan files with online cloud antivirus service, which use more then 50 most powerful antivirus software to scan your files on Cloud. All process optimized to save resources of your system and for detection malware and viruses the best way. With our double stage algorithm any malware and viruses have no chance to survive. All security process of scanning is fully automatic and do not require any special skills.

Cloud Antivirus Monitor
Cloud antivirus security monitor provide you full control and all details of results of scanning with cloud antivirus. Here you control all results, you can make some action to infected files on your server. You’ll have all reports for all scans, infection and healing cases. It’s not require any additional action from your side, but here you’ll have more advanced tools and reports if you need it.

404 Detector
Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities on your site that can be exploited. Some of these vulnerabilities can be found by scanning of the content on the front end of the website. Such links research will be detected by 404 security detector module. Here you’ll see list of such action and you get access to ban tools.

Easy Password
Simple password it’s one of the most common security problems. Do not use simple passwords and protect your website from simple passwords of another users. Using strong passwords lowers overall risk of a security breach. The rate at which an attacker can submit guessed passwords to the system is a key factor in determining system security. We have also brute force monitor to protect system from such guessing.

Google Captcha
Very effective module to protect your website against spammers and bots. Implemented with multi site mode support. With this tools you get reliable protection of your admin section from bots and spammers. Google reCaptcha uses advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep bots from engaging in abusive activities on your site.

Auto Update
Keep your site up to date to stay safe and secured. Auto update module provide you easy tool to enable updates of your wordpress update core files, plugins and themes installed on your website. All screepts, even wordpress core files, third-party plugins and themes may potentially be vulnerable to different type of attacks. Making sure you always have the newest versions of WordPress, all plugins and themes installed on your website minimizes the risk to be hacked. Keep everything up to date to protect your website and your information.

Cron Scheduler
Build in cron scheduling tasks for all security checks and scans. Every security scanning activity could be planned insettings of every module and Cron scheduler run all this tasks in planned time frame.

Security Report
Our security report module include all cases which was detected. In report settings you can configure frequency of security reports and time when exactly do you wish to generate reports. In security report configuration section you can also change subject of the report email.

Control security of your website with all this security modules of S.A.F. When you enable every security module make sure that you change settings to configure it for your need. Security of your website depend of your settings. Detection of every not nessesery activity , like : brute force attacks, malware detection or other security problems fully depend of configurations of every single module.


  1. Open plugins manager
  2. Find plugin in directory
  3. Click install button

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