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📅 Sagenda is an online booking software that helps your clients fix appointments and meetings with you online. Sagenda is available at absolutely NO COST for you or your clients! And the best thing about it is that you may have an unlimited number of bookings and/or customers. Our users always come first; that’s why Sagenda doesn’t display ads!

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This is an “Online Booking System” which gives customers the opportunity to choose the date and the time of an appointment according to one’s own preferences and the booking can now be done online.

Using this WP plugin is a better way to display your booking on your WP frontend than using an iFrame. Using this Plugin will required a free Sagenda’s account. To create an account please visit:

You can use PayPal as payment gateway to make your customers pay for bookings. They can pay via PayPal account but also via direct credit card payment (without creating a PayPal account). Following cards are accepted : Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, EnRoute…

NOTE: You need to register an account on the Sagenda site and then you will get an authentication code which you will use to validate your Sagenda plugin.

You can use Sagenda as shortcode in any page or plugin :

You can force the Calendar to display only one bookable item. Please then use the shortcode like this :
[sagenda-calendar-wp fixedbookableitem=”x”]
where x is the “id” of your bookable item. To know the id of your bookable item, you can just go to your bookable item list : and select “edit”. You can then copy the ID with the copy button.
You can also use this feature with URL query parameter such as adding ?fixedbookableitem=”x” to your URL. Please don’t use both shortcode and query parameter “fixedbookableitem” in the same time.

You can choose the default view
[sagenda-calendar-wp defaultView=”x”]
where x is the “month”, “week” or “day”.

You can unactivate view(s)
[sagenda-calendar-wp removeMonthViewButton=”true” removeWeekViewButton=”true” removeDayViewButton=”true”]
This will simply remove the corresponding button to switch from a view to another one.


Sagenda WP plugin require the PHP “Curl extension” to be activated on your hosting to call web services.


How to install this booking plugin into my WordPress website?

How to create a Sagenda’s account in video?

Follow these steps to install Sagenda:

  1. Download the booking plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder and activate the plugin.
  2. Create a free account on (setup your “bookable items” and events).
  3. Copy your token (from the backend of Settings / account settings) to your WordPress installation (backend of wp / Settings / Sagenda).
  4. Use the shortcode [sagenda-calendar-wp] in a page or an article.

SUPPORT THIPS : any error message? try to update to the last version of WordPress and use PHP 7 or higher !

Calendar view settings
Sagenda’s calendar view will read your WordPress Settings : myURL/wp-admin/options-general.php
The language of the calendar will match “Site Language” parameter.
The Date and time format will match “Date Format” / “Time Format” parameters.
The calendar will start on “Week Starts On” parameter.

Known issues
Problem with our plugin? are you using a caching system? Try to remove “w3 Total Cache” and use “Super Cache” or “WP Rocket”.


We are translated in many languages. Want more languages? Help us :

Calendar public views :

WordPress plugin txt :

We will add your translations in the next release!

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If you encounter problems in using the Sagenda – Free booking calendar plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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