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The s2Member® Framework (free) integrates with PayPal Website Payments Standard (also free). Sell “Buy Now” or Membership access to your site. Restrict access to Roles, Capabilities, Posts, Pages, or anything else in WordPress.

Protect your WordPress Posts, Pages, Tags, Categories, URIs, BuddyPress/bbPress, and even portions of content within Posts, Pages, themes, plugins. Easily configurable & highly extensible. You can even protect downloadable files and streaming audio/video. Store files locally, or use s2Member’s integration with Amazon® S3/CloudFront.

s2Member is powered almost entirely by WordPress shortcodes, making complex integrations quick & easy. Sell recurring (or non-recurring) subscriptions with lots of flexibility. Or sell “Buy Now” access in various ways. You can also sell specific Posts/Pages, sell access to file downloads, or sell Custom Capabilities that provide highly configurable access to specific portions of your content.

You can learn more at s2Member.com.

Reasons to upgrade to “s2Member® Pro”

  • Stripe™ integration via Pro-Forms (one-step checkout).
  • PayPal Pro™ integration via Pro-Forms (one-step checkout).
  • Authorize.Net™ integration via Pro-Forms (one-step checkout).
  • Plus ClickBank™, Unlimited Membership Levels, Coupon Codes, Gift/Redemption Codes, Pro API, and more!

With 1000’s of customers, an intelligent open-community, comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, APIs, the s2Member Codex, KB articles, and over 50,000 forum posts; s2Member just can’t be beat!

Secure WordPress content and offer users/members a secure checkout solution that integrates seamlessly with WordPress Roles/Capabilities. It’s like a cash machine. s2Member puts money back in your pocket with every customer you acquire. You can learn more at s2Member.com.


Copyright: © 2013 WP Sharks (coded in the USA)

Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Credits / Additional Acknowledgments


NOTICE: If you are an s2Member Pro customer in need of support, please use our support center at s2Member.com.

s2Member® is Very Easy to Install

  1. Upload the /s2member folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress®.
  3. Navigate to the s2Member® Options panel for configuration details.

See Also (s2Member.com)

Detailed installation/upgrade instructions.

Is s2Member compatible with Multisite Networking?

Yes. s2Member and s2Member Pro, are also both compatible with Multisite Networking. After you enable Multisite Networking, install the s2Member plugin. Then navigate to s2Member → Multisite (Config) in the Dashboard on your Main Site.

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