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Related Posts Slider | SliderVilla | jquery,post,posts,related,slideshow


The slider is a lightweight jQuery implementation of the related post functionality. Apart from template tag, it has a ready shortcode and widget as well to insert the slider anywhere in the blog post.


  • Showcase related posts in slider format, either in news style or in horizontal carousel format
  • Arrow navigation to see more related posts, so add as many related posts as you want
  • Complete CSS customization from settings panel
  • 2 Pre Styled CSS provided with the plugin, one for dark colored theme and other for lighter theme. Also you can create your own style suitable for your site in no time and use it within the plugin using a simple option.
  • SEO benefits of showing more related posts on the post content page
  • Pulls Related Post using inbuilt algorithm or you can use with YARPP plugin or WordPress Related Posts plugin (by Zemanta) or Microkid’s Related Posts Plugin
  • Widget option available for Related Posts Slider
  • Shortcode option to insert Related Posts Slider in between the content of a post
  • Translation ready

Premium Sliders

If you are looking for designer, easy to install featured content slider (slideshow) for your WordPress site, try SliderVilla . Some common features of SliderVilla sliders are,

  • Multiple Sliders on Single Page
  • Different content aut-fetching based on category, publish date or custom choice
  • Flashcard feature
  • 100% customization option available on settings panel
  • No need to know programing languages like PHP, HTML, CSS for installation

RPS Demo and Information

Demo |
Plugin Information


Visit the plugin documentation page at to know how to insert and customize the slider. By default the related posts slider is inserted automatically below the content area of the post. But you can select manual insertion (either using templte tag or shortcode or widget) thru the settings panel of Related Posts Slider WordPress plugin.


Pre Installation Requirement

By default, the related posts will be pulled automatically based on tags/categories. But if you wish to use any of these three related posts plugins below, you can choose to use their algorithm to pull the related posts:

If you select to use any of these plugins, you need to install and activate them so that the Related Posts Slider pulls posts using their algorithm.
No need to install all of them, just one is required. In Related Posts Slider options panel you need to specify which of the above two plugins you are using to pull the related posts.


Related Posts Slider plugin is easy to install like other plug-ins of WordPress as you need to just follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Copy Folder related-posts-slider from the downloaded and extracted file.

  2. Paste it in wp-Content/plugins folder on your WordPress Installation

  3. Activate the plugin from Dashboard / Plugins window.

  4. Now Plugin is Activated, Go to the Usage section to see how to use Related Posts Slider.

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If you encounter problems in using the Related Posts Slider plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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