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Use the WordPress Rake Live Chat Plugin to enable real-time engagement tools like live chat and visitor monitoring to your WordPress website with minimal setup required. Instantly engage with on-site visitors and customers and enable a quick resolution to their questions or concerns.

Increase online sales and conversions, and build stronger customer relationships with a fully functional WordPress live chat plugin.


Rake comes with an impressive set of features built to help you engage, support, collaborate, and convert website visitors into clients. All Rake plans include proactive messages, real-time visitor monitoring, and chat invitations that allow agents to send personalized messages to visitors at the exact right moment. You can trigger proactive messages when a visitor meets predefined criteria, e.g. the time spent on a page, scroll position on the page, or words/letters the page URL contains.

Rake streamlines conversations, making you more efficient and productive. Conduct multiple chat sessions at the same time, send canned quick replies to frequently asked questions, tag your chats for sorting and grouping in reports, and send or receive files or images to visitors through the chat widget. You can even chat internally with Channel and Direct Messaging tools similar to popular workplace collaboration apps.

Rake also comes with our exclusive BeeOpen service. A built-in live agent contact center that enables your business to extend your support 24/7/365. The optional BeeOpen service helps you flex your service or sales team during busy periods, or save when business is really slow because you only pay for what you use. BeeOpen agents are live chat experts, they follow your script and collect and qualify leads or route customers to your internal subject matter experts. After BeeOpen agents complete a chat, users are instantly notified via Email, SMS, or push-notifications using Rake’s built in tasks and notifications system.


Omnichannel messaging is possible, Rake integrates seamlessly SMS and Facebook Messenger. This allows you to create a consistent user experience for both your agents and your clients and prospects regardless of where the conversation is happening.


  • Resolve customers’ problems on the spot on the spot. In fact, Live chat is the quickest, simplest, and most preferred customer support channel.

  • Increase sales and conversions. Simplify the buying process by answering your customers’ questions in real-time.

  • Provide convenient customer support by giving your visitors a direct and free option to ask for help.

  • Use live chat to understand the needs of your customers better and increase average order value and sales.

  • Engage in live conversation with visitors to your store, maintain good relationships with existing customers, and stay ahead of your competitors by offering live chat on your WordPress store.


If you are serious about growing your business, and digital or website visitors are important to your growth, then using live chat is an slam dunk. The WordPress Rake Live Chat Plugin adds a live chat widget to each page on your site that allows visitors to chat to you in real time. Live chat software is perfect for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to close more sales and improve customer satisfaction scores.


By default, WordPress Rake Live Chat Plugin will add a live chat widget to every page of your website. You can choose to remove the widget from select pages in settings. Your support and sales agents have to log in to one of the free Rake apps to answer incoming chats. Use our web app, or our mobile apps for iOS and Android.


The WordPress Rake Live Chat Plugin by Rake is free, but you need to first create a Rake workspace (also free). Rake is free to use forever, but upgraded plans add more features and remove limitations.

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation 15 minute walk-through by a Rake expert who can help you get setup for success. After the tour, we’ll upgrade your plan to PRO level for a full 30 days trial to experience all the features Rake has available, including our tasks system, unlimited proactive messages and invites, live visitor monitoring, and full widget customization.

Take a look at Rake plans and features on our website. Provide on-site support and sell more with the WordPress Rake Live Chat Plugin.



Do you want to create Rake workspace’s for your clients? Expand your business offer by adding Rake in projects you run for your customers.

View “The Hive” (https://www.rake.ai/partners/partner-hub) , our affiliate partner program for affiliate income opportunities for the lifetime of each client you refer. Just send us the lead and we take care of all the details.


  • Chat on multiple websites – connect all of your websites to a single Rake workspace, and keep the chat widget consistent across all the pages.

  • Facebook Messenger – keep all your communication in one place and reply to new messages right in the Rake application thanks to the Messenger integration.

  • Two-way SMS – similar to Facebook Messenger, create a one-stop shop for client communication.

  • Canned “Quick Messages” – improve your efficiency and help customers faster thanks to predefined answers to the most common questions. Even include images and files!

  • Widget customization – enrich your Rake chat widget with logos, color matching, and precise location settings to avoid covering important parts of your pages.

  • File and image support – send and receive files via the chat widget to better understand your customers.

  • Conversation scripts and flows – enable even your most rookie agents to handle complicated decision trees with ease. Rake includes a fully customized script builder with decision trees and unlimited branches to handle just about any scenario or circumstance with ease. A simple, question and answer flow makes for a no-code, easy build-out of even the most complicated flows.

  • Visitor tracking – the Rake widget keeps track of your visitors arriving and leaving your site. You’ll be notified of the visitors location and know what page they are viewing, if they are actively viewing the page, and more.

  • Tasks system – collect the tickets with messages that customers leave when you’re away and answer them when you’re back online.

  • Message and file history – browse through comments reflecting customers’ needs and expectations. Store, access, and export messages at any time using our API.

  • Mobile apps – chat on the go. Don’t make your customers wait and talk to them wherever you are, thanks to our iOS and Android apps.

  • Reports and analytics – get hold of the riches of data live chat and messaging generates for your organization. Detailed reports help you understand your visitors using visitor to chat metrics. Access reports through the app, or integrate chat and messaging data using Rake APIs and exports to CSV format.

  • Tags and keywords – organize and categorize chats to find common issues and questions. Trigger automated responses using keyword triggers.

  • Chat transcripts – browse the conversations reflecting customers’ needs and expectations anytime, with no expiry date.

  • Chat transfers – transfer chats to other agents or back to subject matter experts who normally do not handle inbound live chats. Achieve REAL first-call resolution. It’s perfect when you encounter issues that only a particular member of the team can handle.


  • Channels – create channels of your internal teams, get work done faster than ever before with a consolidated, collaborative messaging platform.

  • Direct/Private Messages – stay private and keep communication between you and just your selected co-worker(s). Spin-up instant chats with anyone in the organization.

  • Knowledge Base – a beautifully branded, easy-to-use knowledge base compliments and improves your agent access to important organization information, product catalogs, and anything you need to share. Allow agents to share a link to the articles right in your chats.


For getting started and tutorials go to our documentation site.
If you have additional questions, or just prefer a helping hand, start a live chat session with our support team on our contact page.

For more information about Rake live chat features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website.


Rake is a provider of cloud-based customer real-time engagement and collaboration platform. The main goal of Rake is to improve customer service and increase sales conversion.



  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then find the “Plugins” menu.
  • Click on “Add New” and search for “Rake Live Chat”.
  • Activate the WordPress Rake Live Chat Plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Go to Settings and apply the code from the Rake Live Chat Widget you received from Rake.
  • Save and refresh your page


  • Upload wp-live-chat-software-for-wordpress directory to WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  • Activate the live chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Click the LiveChat menu on the left.
  • Create a new account or sign-in if you already have a LiveChat account.

For 24/7 assistance, visit our Contact Us page.

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