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Pro version is now live

Get better ROAS (return on ad spend) with Quiero by targeting and advertising to the specific people who have a willingness to pay for your website.

24/7 DATA COLLECTION and AI calculator

Why do I need this app?

Simple. Facebook is a gold-mine for your eCommerce store. But, everyone knows that CUSTOM AUDIENCES are where the true Gold is hidden. Now, within minutes, you can create highly targeted audiences – based on how your website visitor engaged with your store.

  • Segment Visitors by Engagement – Identify your top visitors easily with engagement tracking
  • Improve your Remarketing – By targeting only visitors who engaged with your store
  • Scale to new Audiences – By creating lookalikes based on engaged users

Events are triggered directly in your Facebook & Google pixels, you can create targeted audiences with just a few clicks and effortlessly plug the audiences into existing campaigns.

More about Quiero

How does Quiero help create a better shopping experience?

Quiero helps you understand the way your visitors engage with your store. Quiero measures key metrics like scroll depth, time on page & pages viewed for every visitor that enters your store and delivers them directly into your Facebook & Google remarketing Pixels, allowing you to build campaigns that target your most engaged users.

Start your free trial and upgrade your WordPress store.

How do you know Quiero is worth it?

Build a full-funnel for every stage in your shopper journey and compare the behavior of a visitor targeted based on Quiero metrics and a regular returning visitor. You will immediately see the impact of Quiero:

  • Increasing CTR
  • Converting visitors to customers
  • Get meaningful insights about your visitors, and learn how to improve your store
  • Increase campaign efficiency, lowering ad expenses on Google & Facebook

All of that in a code-free, one-click installation!

Quiero Features

The Basic tier features a Free Forever WordPress plugin that will deliver

  • Scroll depth – Target visitors by how deep the user scrolled on your site.
  • Time on a page – Target visitors by how much time a user spent on any page in your site.
  • Page count – Target visitors the number of pages a visitor saw in a session

The Pro tier

The pro tier will track many more engagement metrics, going even deeper into your audience’s behavior while creating a combined engagement metric that you can use with greater ease.

It’s super easy. Just add our WP-Plugin to your store. That’s it. No further setup required.

Before installing Quiero, please make sure:

Quiero works with your existing Facebook & Google’s remarketing pixels. Please make sure these are installed and active before installing Quiero.

Please note that Quiero does not track Add to Cart or other standard eCommerce events, there are other great apps that offer this functionality.
The Quiero audiences complement these apps to create a better targeting strategy.



Installation is free, quick, and easy. Install Quiero from our site in minutes.

MANUAL Alternatives

Alternatively, install Quiero via the plugin directory, or upload the files manually to your server and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need additional help please contact us .

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If you encounter problems in using the Quiero – Advanced Remarketing Pixel plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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