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With PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator, you can easily turn any Contact Form 7 form into a calculator. Calculated fields are based on user input and selections in other parts of the form. The plugin can be used for creating various types of calculators, such as an ideal weight calculator, calorie calculator, quote calculator for hotel booking, car rental quote calculator, mortgage calculator, tax calculator, finance calculators, date calculator, etc.


  • Advanced calculations – set your custom formula based on user input, for example:
    cost_per_day * days * (1 + (tax_percentage / 100))
  • Hide calculated fields – they can be visible to the user or not. Your choice!
  • Server-side calculation – you don’t have to disclose your top secret formula! Calculations are performed behind the scenes, on the server.
  • Calculate on button click – you can let your users trigger the calculations without submitting the form.
  • Calculate on submit – values are always calculated on submit, so you can use them in your notification emails.
  • Calculate on other events – you can also trigger calculations from another script at any time!
  • Correct floating-point math – PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator Pro handles decimal floating-point math properly, unlike many online calculators that introduce rounding errors when converting to binary and back, yielding incorrect results (such as 0.6 + 0.3 = 0.8999).
  • Multiple calculated fields (Pro version only) – you can have as many as you like in the same form!
  • Intermediate calculation steps (Pro version only) – calculated fields can be based on other calculated fields. They are evaluated in order, from top to bottom.
  • Assign numeric values to text fields (Pro version only) – for example, you can assign a specific price to each choice in a drop-down menu.
  • PayPal and Stripe integration (Pro version only) – accept payments from your website visitors based on the calculated amount
  • Currency conversion (Pro version only) – use up-to-date currency exchange rates in your formulas.
  • Custom PHP code (Pro version only) – the calculator is not advanced enough for you? Now you can run any PHP code in your calculation formulas. For security reasons, this feature is disabled by default and you must explicitly enable it from the Options page.
  • Reference external spreadsheets (Pro version only) – need to update your price list frequently? The calculator can look up data from an online spreadsheet in various formats (Google Sheets, Excel, CSV…)
  • Calculate travel distance and time (Pro version only) – integration with Google Maps API allows you to work with addresses and locations.

Live demo

We have prepared a Live Demo to let you test the capabilities of PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator.

Video tutorial

Pro version

If you like PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator, please consider upgrading to our Pro version. It lets you have multiple calculated fields per form, calculations based on text values (such as drop-down menus), integrate your calculator with PayPal, Stripe and Google Sheets, and other great features scheduled for future releases.

WP Admin Notices

This plugin generates an Admin Notice in the WP Admin dashboard. It will invite you to rate our plugin or consider upgrading to the Pro version. These notices may annoy or confuse certain users, but are appreciated by the majority of our userbase, who understand that these notices support our free contributions to the WordPress community.

If you feel that these notices are too annoying, then we encourage you to consider our Pro version, or even consider developing your own plugins for WordPress, if supporting free plugin authors is too frustrating for you. A final alternative would be to place the defined constant mentioned below inside of your wp-config.php file to manually hide this plugin’s nag notices:

define('DISABLE_NAG_NOTICES', true);

Note: This defined constant will only affect the notices mentioned above, and will not affect any other notices generated by this plugin, such as one-time notices that communicate with admin-level users.


Contact Form 7 5.0 or later is required.

  1. Download the plugin zip file to your computer;
  2. Unzip the file;
  3. Upload the pvb-contact-form-7-calculator directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  5. Refer to the plugin documentation.

Plugin author

Petko Bossakov

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator Add-on plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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