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PublishPress has all the tools you need to manage WordPress content, including an editorial calendar to plan content. You can create custom status and notifications for content updates.

PublishPress is ideal for WordPress sites that publish high-quality content. With PublishPress, you can collaborate much more effectively. This makes PublishPress a great solution for any site with multiple users. PublishPress is often used by companies and non-profits, universities and schools, plus by magazines, newspapers and blogs.

Editorial Calendar

The calendar gives you a powerful overview of your publishing schedule. Using the Editorial Calendar, you can easily see when content is planned, and when it was published. You can also drag-and-drop content to a new publication date. By default, you see all the WordPress content you have planned for the next few weeks. If you need to drill down, you can filter the calendar by post status, categories, users or post types.

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Content Notifications

Notifications keep you and your team up to date on changes to important content. Users can be subscribed to notifications for any post, either individually or by selecting user groups. PublishPress allows you to create powerful notification workflows based on post types, categories, status changes and much more.

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Content Overview

The Content Overview screen is a companion to the Calendar screen. Whereas the Calendar allows you to see content organized by dates, Content Overview allows you to drill down and see content organized by status, categories, or users. In the top-right corner is a “Print” button. Click this to get a printable overview of all your planned content.

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Custom Statuses

This feature allows you to create custom post statuses such as “In Progress” or “Pending Review”. You can define statuses to match the stages of your team’s publishing workflow.

By default, WordPress provides you with a very limited set of status choices: Draft and Pending Review. With PublishPress you’ll see a much wider range of options. When you first install PublishPress, you’ll see these extra statuses: Pitch, Assigned, and In Progress. You can then create more custom post statuses to define the stages of your publishing workflow.

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Editorial Comments

A very important feature in PublishPress is commenting. You can leave comments under each post you write. This is a private conversation between writers and editors and allows you to discuss what needs to be changed before publication.

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Editorial Metadata

Metadata enables you to keep track of important requirements for your content. This feature allows you to create fields and store information about content items. By default, PublishPress provides 4 examples of metadata, but you can add your own to meet your team’s needs.

Click here to read about the Editorial Metadata.

User Roles

For larger organizations with many people involved in the publishing process, user roles help keep your team organized. PublishPress allows you to send custom notifications to each user role.

Click here to read about the User Roles.

Slack Notifications

This PublishPress Pro feature integrates your notifications with Slack. You can send notifications directly to a Slack channel and even reply without logging into WordPress.

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Reminder Notifications

This PublishPress Pro feature allows you to send notifications either before or after the publishing date for content. For example, before publication, you can send a reminder to editors, asking them to proof-read the post for publication. Or two or three days after publication, you can send a reminder to various team members, asking them to promote the post on social media.

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Importing from Edit Flow

PublishPress is based on the EditFlow plugin. It is easy for Edit Flow users to import your data and settings.

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Join PublishPress and get the Pro plugins

The Pro versions of the PublishPress plugins are well worth your investment. The Pro versions have extra features and faster support. Click here to join PublishPress.

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Together, these plugins are a suite of powerful publishing tools for WordPress. If you need to create a professional workflow in WordPress, with moderation, revisions, permissions and more … then you should try PublishPress.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for PublishPress are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

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