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Product Watermark for WooCommerce plugin allows you to add watermark to images that applied to products. These watermarks can be an image copyright symbol, company logo or text. You will need few clicks to apply a logo or a watermark on all your product images.


✅ Watermark for product images
✅ Custom watermark position
✅ Watermarks with transparency is supported
✅ Custom CSS for front end pages

Additional Features in Paid Plugin:

✅ Custom watermark size
✅ Different watermarks for different image type
✅ Save aspect ratio for watermarks
✅ From 1 to 5 watermarks
✅ Place text to images
✅ Options to set text color, size and transparency

Plugin Links:

Paid Plugin
Demo Description

🍬 Wanna try admin side?

Admin Demo – Get access to this plugin’s admin and try it from inside. Change things and watch how they work.

Premium plugin video

we don’t have video with free plugin right now but we are working on it

Compatibility with WooCommerce plugins

Product Watermark for WooCommerce has been tested and compatibility is certain with the following WooCommerce plugins that you can add to your site:

🔸 Advanced AJAX Product Filters
🔸 Load More Products for WooCommerce
🔸 Grid/List View for WooCommerce
🔸 Product Preview for WooCommerce
🔸 Products Compare for WooCommerce
🔸 Sales Report for WooCommerce
🔸 Wishlist and Waitlist for WooCommerce


Important: First of all, you have to download and activate WooCommerce plugin, because without it Product Watermark for WooCommerce cannot work.

  1. Unzip the downloaded .zip file.
  2. Upload the Product Watermark for WooCommerce folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate Product Watermark for WooCommerce from Plugins page


Product Watermark for WooCommerce will add a new sub-menu item called “Product Watermark” in “WooCommerce” menu. There you will be able to access plugin settings page.

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