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Highlights the left border color and background color and reformats the post status as visual color tags in the wordpress admin post list view. Supports the standard WordPress status for: Published, Future, Draft, Pending, Private, Protected, Sticky (tag only) and custom statuses like Archived (via Archive Post Status plugin.

Posts/Pages Features

  • Adds a left thick border color and highlights the line with a light background color, similar to the comments and plugins admin views.
  • Modifies the post status tags added to a Page/Post name to have a tag appearance with matching background color and dashicon
  • Both these changes make it super easy to spot the various types of post statuses in the admin view
  • Supports all WordPress Post status values: Published, Future, Draft, Pending, Private, Protected, Sticky (tag only)
  • Support for custom post statuses like Archived via Archive Post Status plugin
  • Supports the 4.2 status of the Front Page and Posts Page (blog page) to easily spot those posts/pages
  • Supports the 4.3 tags of Scheduled Posts to see upcoming posts/pages
  • Supports the 4.9.6 tags of Privacy Policy Page
  • Define custom colors using the color picker in the Admin Settings screen
  • Define custom dash icons using the dashicons picker in the Admin Settings screen
  • Enable/disable view in Admin Settings screen
  • Enable/disable icons in Admin Settings screen
  • Change the background color lightness value from 0 (dark) to (1) light
  • Reset settings to defaults in Admin Settings screen

If all your posts or pages are only published, nothing in the display will change. This plugin doesn’t add anything to regular Published posts, otherwise the screen will look way too colourful. To see the plugin in action, you will have to set at least one of your posts or pages to DRAFT, PENDING, PROTECTED, PRIVATE or any status other than published, to make it show something.


  • Icons appear inside the tag, if enabled.
  • Published status: color, no tag.
  • Scheduled status: color, with tag (WP 4.3+)
  • Protected status: overrides color, but still adds tag (multiple tags support)
  • Sticky status: tag only (multiple tags support).
  • Front Page, Blog Posts: tag only (WP 4.2+)
  • Privacy Policy Page (WP 4.9.6+)



  1. Use the WordPress Admin Plugins installer: Search for the plugin name, and click INSTALL and click the ACTIVATE link
  2. -or- Download the ZIP: Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins admin page.
  3. Ensure you have some posts or pages that are not just published to see the default colors

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If you encounter problems in using the Post State Tags plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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