Popular Brand SVG Icons – Simple Icons

Popular Brand SVG Icons – Simple Icons | Theme Mason


Add popular brand icons to WordPress with ease. Use these high quality SVG icons anywhere on your WordPress site, set the color and size using attributes.

Video Tutorial

How to use

Select an icon from the WordPress admin settings page, use the hashtag name in menus or use the shortcode for pages or php files.


[simple_icon name="wordpress" color="black" size="20px"]


  • name
    The name of the social icon (search https://simpleicons.org/ to find an icon).

  • color (optional)
    The color of the icon (example: #ffffff or white).
    Default is pulled from the framework

  • size (optional)
    The size of the icon
    Default is 1.5rem

  • class (optional)
    Add a custom CSS class to the icon.

How to style icons

Use the following CSS code to change all icons color, size, etc.

span[class*="simple-icon"] {
    width: 2em;
    height: 2em;

span[class*="simple-icon"] svg {
    fill: #333;


Visit https://simpleicons.org to view over 500+ available social media icons and popular brand icons. Use the shortcode [simple_icon] to display an icon or use #iconname# in your menu item title.

Use GitHub for social media or other icon requests, corrections and contributions.

Please post any issues under the support tab. If you use and like this plugin, please don’t forget to rate it! Additionally, if you would like to see more features for the plugin, please let me know.


Icons include: (978 total icons) .NET icon, 1Password icon, 500px icon, About.me icon, ABB RobotStudio icon, Abstract icon, Academia icon, ACM icon, ActiGraph icon, Activision icon, Accusoft icon, AddThis icon, AdGuard icon, Adobe icon, Adobe Acrobat Reader icon, Adobe After Effects icon, Adobe Audition icon, Adobe Dreamweaver icon, Adobe Illustrator icon, Adobe InDesign icon, Adobe Lightroom CC icon, Adobe Lightroom Classic icon, Adobe PhoneGap icon, Adobe Photoshop icon, Adobe Premiere icon, Adobe Typekit icon, Adobe XD icon, Airbnb icon (social media icon), AirPlay Audio icon, AirPlay Video icon, Airtable icon, Algolia icon, Alipay icon, AlliedModders icon, AlloCiné icon, Amazon icon, Amazon Alexa icon, Amazon AWS icon, AMD icon, American Express icon, Anaconda icon, Analogue icon, Anchor icon, Android icon, AngelList icon, Angular icon, Angular Universal icon, Ansible icon, Apache icon, Apache Airflow icon, Apache Cordova icon, Apache Flink icon, Apache Kafka icon, Apache OpenOffice icon, Apache NetBeans IDE icon, Apache RocketMQ icon, Apache Spark icon, Apple icon, Apple Music icon, Apple Pay icon, Apple Podcasts icon, AppVeyor icon, ARAL icon, Arch Linux icon, Archive of Our Own icon, Arduino icon, ArtStation icon, arXiv icon, Asana icon, Asciidoctor icon, asciinema icon, Atlassian icon, Atom icon, AT&T icon, Audi icon, Audible icon, Audiomack icon, Aurelia icon, Auth0 icon, Authy icon, Automatic icon, Autotask icon, Aventrix icon, awesomeWM icon, Azure Artifacts icon, Azure DevOps icon, Azure Pipelines icon, Babel icon, Baidu icon, Bamboo icon, Bancontact icon, Bandcamp icon, BandLab icon, Basecamp icon, Bath ASU icon, Battle.net icon, Beats icon, Beats by Dre icon, Behance icon, Big Cartel icon, Bing icon, Bit icon, Bitbucket icon, Bitcoin icon, Bitdefender icon, Bitly icon, Bitrise icon, Blackberry icon, Blender icon, Blogger icon, BMC Software icon, Boeing icon, Boost icon, Bootstrap icon, Bower icon, Box icon, Brand.ai icon, Brandfolder icon, Brave icon, Breaker icon, Broadcom icon, Buddy icon, Buffer icon, Buy Me A Coffee icon, BuzzFeed icon, C icon, CakePHP icon, Campaign Monitor icon, Canva icon, Cash App icon, Castorama icon, Castro icon, Cassandra icon, Celery icon, CentOS icon, CEVO icon, Chase icon, Chef icon, Circle icon, CircleCI icon, Cirrus CI icon, Cisco icon, CiviCRM icon, Clockify icon, Clojure icon, CloudBees icon, Cloudflare icon, CMake icon, Codacy icon, Codecademy icon, CodeChef icon, Code Climate icon, Codecov icon, CodeFactor icon, Codeforces icon, CodeIgniter icon, CodePen icon, Coderwall icon, CodeSandbox icon, Codeship icon, Codewars icon, Codio icon, CoffeeScript icon, Coinbase icon, Composer icon, ComproPago icon, Conekta icon, Confluence icon, Conda-Forge icon, Convertio icon, Co-op icon, Corona Engine icon, Corona Renderer icon, Coursera icon, Coveralls icon, cPanel icon, Adobe Creative Cloud icon, Creative Commons icon, Crehana icon, Crunchbase icon, Crunchyroll icon, CRYENGINE icon, CSS3 icon, CSS Wizardry icon, Common Workflow Language icon, C Sharp icon, curl icon, C++ icon, D3.js icon, Dailymotion icon, Dart icon, Dashlane icon, Dassault Systèmes icon, DataCamp icon, Datadog icon, DAZN icon, dblp icon, Debian icon, deepin icon, Deezer icon, Delicious icon, Deliveroo icon, Dell icon, Deno icon, Dependabot icon, Designer News icon, DeviantArt icon, devRant icon, dev.to icon, Diaspora icon, Digg icon (social media icon), DigitalOcean icon, Directus icon, Discord icon, Discourse icon, Discover icon, Disroot icon, Disqus icon, Django icon, DLNA icon, Docker icon, DocuSign icon, Dolby icon, Draugiem.lv icon, Dribbble icon (social media icon), Drone icon, Dropbox icon, Drupal icon, DTube icon, DuckDuckGo icon, Dunked icon, Duolingo icon, Dynatrace icon, EA icon, eBay icon, EVRY icon, Exercism icon, Eclipse IDE icon, Elastic icon, Elastic Cloud icon, Elasticsearch icon, Elastic Stack icon, Electron icon, elementary icon, Eleventy icon, Ello icon, Elsevier icon, Ember.js icon, Emlakjet icon, Empire Kred icon, Envato icon, EPEL icon, Epic Games icon, Epson icon, ESEA icon, ESLint icon, Ethereum icon, Etsy icon, Eventbrite icon, Event Store icon, Evernote icon, Everplaces icon, Experts Exchange icon, Expo icon, EyeEm icon, F-Droid icon, F-Secure icon, Facebook icon (social media icon), FACEIT icon, Fandango icon, Fandom icon, Favro icon, FeatHub icon, Fedora icon, Feedly icon, Fido Alliance icon, figshare icon, FileZilla icon, Firebase icon, Fitbit icon, FITE icon, Fiverr icon, Flask icon, Flattr icon, Flickr icon (social media icon), Flipboard icon, Floatplane icon, Flutter icon, Fnac icon, Formstack icon, Fossa icon, Fossil SCM icon, Foursquare icon (social media icon), Figma icon, Framer icon, FreeBSD icon, freeCodeCamp icon, Freelancer icon, Fujifilm icon, Fujitsu icon, Fur Affinity icon, Furry Network icon, Garmin icon, Gatsby icon, Gauges icon, Genius icon, Gentoo icon, Geocaching icon, Gerrit icon, Ghost icon, GIMP icon, Git icon (social media icon), Gitea icon, GitHub icon, GitLab icon, Gitpod icon, Gitter icon, Glassdoor icon, Glitch icon, Gmail icon, GNOME icon, GNU icon, GNU Bash icon, GNU Emacs icon, GNU IceCat icon, GNU Privacy Guard icon, GNU social icon, Godot Engine icon, GOG.com icon, GoldenLine icon, Goodreads icon, Go icon, Google icon, Google Ads icon, Google Chrome icon, Google Cloud icon, Google Analytics icon, Google Drive icon, Google Hangouts icon, Google Hangouts Chat icon, Google Keep icon, Google Pay icon, Google Play icon, Google Podcasts icon, Google Scholar icon, Google Search Console icon, GOV.UK icon, Gradle icon, Grafana icon, Graphcool icon, GraphQL icon, Grav icon, Gravatar icon, Greenkeeper icon, GreenSock icon, Groovy icon, Groupon icon, Gulp icon, Gumroad icon, Gumtree icon, Gutenberg icon, Habr icon, Hackaday icon, HackerEarth icon, HackerOne icon, HackerRank icon, HackHands icon, Hackster icon, HappyCow icon, Hashnode icon, Haskell icon, Hatena Bookmark icon, Haxe icon, Helm icon, HERE icon, Heroku icon, Hexo icon, Highly icon, HipChat icon, Hitachi icon, HockeyApp icon, Home Assistant icon, homify icon, Hootsuite icon, Houzz icon, HP icon, HTML5 icon, HTML Academy icon, Huawei icon, HubSpot icon, Hulu icon, Humble Bundle icon, Hurriyetemlak icon, Hypothesis icon, Iata icon, IBM icon, iCloud icon, IcoMoon icon, ICON icon, IconJar icon, ICQ icon, iDEAL icon, iFixit icon, iFood icon, IMDb icon, Imgur icon, Indeed icon, InfluxDB icon, Inkscape icon, Instacart icon, Instagram icon (social media icon), Instapaper icon, Intel icon, IntelliJ IDEA icon, Intercom icon, Internet Archive icon, Internet Explorer icon, InVision icon, Invoice Ninja icon, Ionic icon, iOS icon, IPFS icon, Issuu icon, Itch.io icon, iTunes icon, Jabber icon, Java icon, JavaScript icon, Jekyll icon, Jenkins icon, Jest icon, JET icon, JetBrains icon, Jinja icon, Jira icon, Joomla icon, jQuery icon, jsDelivr icon, JSFiddle icon, JSON icon, Jupyter icon, JustGiving icon, Kaggle icon, KaiOS icon, Kaspersky icon, Kentico icon, Keras icon, Keybase icon, KeyCDN icon, Khan Academy icon, Kibana icon, Kickstarter icon, Kik icon, Kirby icon, Klout icon, Known icon, Kodi icon, Koding icon, Kotlin icon, Ko-fi icon, Krita icon, Kubernetes icon, Laravel icon, Laravel Horizon icon, Laravel Nova icon, LastPass icon, Last.fm icon, LaTeX icon, Launchpad icon, LeetCode icon, Lenovo icon, Let’s Encrypt icon, Letterboxd icon, LGTM icon, LibraryThing icon, LibreOffice icon, Liberapay icon, Line icon, LINE WEBTOON icon, LinkedIn icon (social media icon), Linode icon, Linux icon, Linux Foundation icon, Litecoin icon, LiveJournal icon, Livestream icon, LLVM icon, Logstash icon, Loop icon, Lua icon, Lufthansa icon, Lumen icon, Lyft icon, Macy’s icon, Magento icon, Magisk icon, MailChimp icon, Mail.Ru icon, MakerBot icon, ManageIQ icon, Manjaro icon, Mapbox icon, Markdown icon, Marketo icon, MasterCard icon, Mastodon icon, Material Design icon, Material-UI icon, Mathworks icon, Matrix icon, Mattermost icon, Matternet icon, McAfee icon, MDN Web Docs icon, MediaFire icon, MediaTemple icon, Medium icon, Meetup icon (social media icon), MEGA icon, Mendeley icon, Mercedes icon, Messenger icon, Meteor icon, Micro.blog icon, Microgenetics icon, Microsoft icon, Microsoft Access icon, Microsoft Azure icon, Microsoft Edge icon, Microsoft Excel icon, Microsoft Office icon, Microsoft OneDrive icon, Microsoft OneNote icon, Microsoft Outlook icon, Microsoft PowerPoint icon, Microsoft Word icon, Microsoft Teams icon, MicroStrategy icon, Minds icon, Minetest icon, Linux Mint icon, Minutemailer icon, Mix icon, Mixcloud icon, Mixer icon, Mojang icon, Monero icon, MongoDB icon, Monkey tie icon, Monogram icon, Monster icon, Monzo icon, Moo icon, Mozilla icon, Mozilla Firefox icon, MuseScore icon, MX Linux icon, Myspace icon, MySQL icon, NativeScript icon, NDR icon, NEC icon, Neo4j icon, Neovim icon, Netflix icon, Netlify icon, New York Times icon, Next.js icon, Nextcloud icon, Nextdoor icon, NGINX icon, Nim icon, Nintendo icon, Nintendo 3DS icon, Nintendo GameCube icon, Nintendo Switch icon, Node.js icon, Nodemon icon, Nokia icon, Node-RED icon, Notion icon, Notist icon, NPM icon, Nucleo icon, NuGet icon, Nutanix icon, Nuxt.js icon, NVIDIA icon, OBS Studio icon, OCaml icon, Octave icon, Octopus Deploy icon, Oculus icon, Odnoklassniki icon, Open Access icon, OpenAPI Initiative icon, Open Collective icon, OpenID icon, OpenSSL icon, OpenStreetMap icon, openSUSE icon, OpenVPN icon, Opera icon, Opsgenie icon, Oracle icon, ORCID icon, Origin icon, Open Source Initiative icon, OSMC icon, Overcast icon, Overleaf icon, OVH icon, Pagekit icon, Palantir icon, Palo Alto Software icon, Pandora icon, Pantheon icon, Parse.ly icon, Pastebin icon, Patreon icon, PayPal icon, PeerTube icon, Periscope icon (social media icon), Pexels icon, Photocrowd icon, PHP icon, Picarto.TV icon, Pinboard icon, Pingdom icon, Pingup icon, Pinterest icon (social media icon), Pivotal Tracker icon, Pi-hole icon, PJSIP icon, PlanGrid icon, Player.me icon, Player FM icon, PlayStation icon, PlayStation 3 icon, PlayStation 4 icon, Plesk icon, Plex icon, Pluralsight icon, Plurk icon, Pocket icon, Pocket Casts icon, PostgreSQL icon, Postman icon, Postwoman icon, PowerShell icon, PrestaShop icon, Prettier icon, Prismic icon, Probot icon, ProcessWire icon, Product Hunt icon, Prometheus icon, Proto.io icon, ProtonMail icon, Proxmox icon, Publons icon, PureScript icon, PyPI icon, Python icon, PyTorch icon, PyUp icon, QEMU icon, Qgis icon, Qi icon, Qiita icon, Qualcomm icon, Qualtrics icon, Quantopian icon, Quantcast icon, Quarkus icon, QuickTime icon, Quip icon, Quora icon (social media icon), Qwiklabs icon, Qzone icon, R icon, RabbitMQ icon, RadioPublic icon, Rails icon, Raspberry Pi icon, React icon, ReactOS icon, React Router icon, Read the Docs icon, Realm icon, Reason icon, Reason Studios icon, Redbubble icon, Reddit icon (social media icon), Red Hat icon, Red Hat Open Shift icon, Redis icon, Redux icon, 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icon, Yelp icon, YouTube icon (social media icon), Zalando icon, Zapier icon, ZDF icon, Zeit icon, Zend icon, Zend Framework icon, Zendesk icon, ZeroMQ icon, Zerply icon, Zhihu icon, Zillow icon, Zingat icon, Zoom icon, Zorin icon, Zulip icon, Z-Wave icon


Simple Icon Contributors


Simple Icon Contributors


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload simple-icons.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Use the shortcode [simple_icon] anywhere in your content, or use #example# in your menu item titleThis section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  5. Upload simple-icons.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  6. Unzip the file
  7. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  8. Use the shortcode [simple_icon] anywhere in your content, or use #example# in your menu item title

Plugin author

Theme Mason

Plugin official website address

If you encounter problems in using the Popular Brand SVG Icons – Simple Icons plugin, you can comment below, and I will try my best to help you solve the problem

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